Biomimicry Workshop Series 2012
Biomimicry Workshop Series, Part 2: Function
April 19, 2012

Function is critical to communication in biomimetric design. Function is the pivot between life’s wisdom and what we are trying to achieve intentionally. The first step in applying a biomimicry approach to your design or challenge is to identify what you want your design to do. It is VERY important to identify the real challenge of “what do you want your design to DO?” This is very different from “What do you want to design?”. This video provides an overview of how to use the taxonomy of Biomimicry to insert function into your design.

Resources to Accompany this Webinar:

2012 EPA Biomimicry Workshop Syllabus

The goal of the workshop is to learn how to apply the biomimicry methodology to discover strategies used by Nature to solve our environmental challenges. In addition, participants gained experience in working on a team that is composed of multiple disciplines.

Final Projects and Reports from the 2012 EPA Biomimicry Workshop Series: