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201 Culbertson Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717-0575
Fax. 406-994-1919


Dennis Nelson - Primary
Rab Cummings
Sandra Robinson


The Watercourse is a not-for profit water science and education program specializing in the development of educational materials on water and water related management issues. Materials are distributed through training workshops and institutes. The goal is to promote and facilitate public understanding of atmospheric, surface, and ground water resources and related management issues through publications, instruction, and networking. The scope of the program is international, its delivery unbiased, and its mission is to build informed leadership in resource decision-making. The Watercourse co-sponsors Project WET, a water science and education program for formal and non-formal educators and manages The WaterCourse Publication and Training Program.

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Water/Wastewater* (Unreviewed)

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