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Browsing Lists

Browsing predefined lists offers a simple searching mechanism. List choices appear on the left and include searching by: type of program, area of expertise or state. Each of these will bring up a submenu and choosing one of the categories will show all organizations with the characteristic you select. At the top of the list there is an option to re-sort the results alphabetically by [State], or by [Organization Name]. Note that using these sort options does not alter the list of results, simply the order in which they are displayed.


Customized Searching

Two options are available to further customize your search by clicking on the Customized Search link.

Option 1
The first input box, entitled "Full Text Search", thoroughly searches the database for whatever text you enter.

Option 2
In the boxes below the Full Text Search you can make multiple selections to include more characteristics in your search. You can choose from more than one category and you can also choose more than one selection within a category. The number of results will depend on how specific you are. If you choose a very limiting search, you may get no results. The more characteristics chosen, the more limited the number of results.

In a customized search, there is no option to sort the results, however, you are given an opportunity to refine your search.


Search Results

Choosing search criteria and clicking the "Search" button (in the case of a customized search) will display Search Results on the right-hand side of the screen. Each result shows three to five lines of text describing the organization including: the organization name and division (if applicable), the address, and the organizational web address. The web address is hyperlinked to the organization's web site.



More detailed information about an organization can be found by clicking on the "Details" icon. The full description for each organization includes the basic information listed above as well as contact information (name and email), organizational profile, areas of expertise, type of program, clients serviced, and resources offered.