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Last updated:
June 01, 2001 

EPP Links

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Federal  Links
EPA's Green Products and Labeling Page 
EPA List of re-refined Oil Vendors 
Federal Supply Service-Green Products 
EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines 
Federal Energy Star Programs 
Federal Gov. EPP Success Stories
EPA Update #7 EPP Newsletter 
Selling Environmental Products to the Government - Your Map to the Federal Marketplace  

State Based Links
EPP Guide - Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board of Minnesota Metropolitan Counties 
Montana Guide for Buying Recycled Products 

Environmentally Friendly Purchasing resources
Connecticut DEP How to Buy Recycled  
P2 Grocery Shopping Tips
Pinnellas Co. Florida Environmental News  
California Buy Recycled Program 
King County, WA, Purchasing Department

Other Organizations
Green Seal Product Certifications
EPPNET - Listserve sponsored by the Northeast Recycling Council

Product Specific Links
Information on recycled paper
Recycled Paper Coalition

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