Homes Across America opens the "front door" to resource efficient and high performance home building in the U.S. This demonstration shows what the site will offer. Visitors can:
  • search for homes around the country and find out about the "green" technology used to build them
  • find builders and designers who have created resource efficient homes
  • study climate factors relevant to home designs in different areas
  • find local, non-biased technical assistance for building green
  • track trends and innovations in the residential market over time

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Entrance to the Utah House

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Why Is It Important?

Home construction is a $275 billion a year industry in the U.S. Construction and home operation demand a tremendous
amount of resources including raw materials, water and energy. These activities also pose a pollution risk to surface water, air quality and produce tons of debris.

Resource efficient homes conserve natural resources, minimize pollution and waste products, provide a healthy environment for the occupant, and reduce costs associated with maintenance, repair and utilities. The quality of these homes is achieved through high performance design, green products and the application of best management practices during construction. New technologies and approaches are rapidly emerging. Interest in resource efficient homes is growing.

Homes Across America aims to build the bridge between homebuyers, builders, designers and technical assistance providers who have questions, ideas and information to share about resource efficient features and innovations. The project developers have partnerships nationwide that will facilitate broad participation in Homes Across America. The result will be a searchable, technology showcase of resource efficient homes and contacts across the nation. This showcase is scheduled to be on-line in early 2003.

Continue through a demonstration of the showcase by proceeding to the mock Search page. Or learn more about what the demonstration has to offer by reading below.

Why are homes unique?

  • construction budgets are relatively small
  • homes are designed as living spaces for people
  • house systems (heating/cooling, water, etc.) operated by untrained individuals
  • codes and requirements vary widely depending on locale
  • construction often based on experience and custom with less rigid plan documents
  • market is less stable; homes are often built on speculation
  • homeowner preference or builder initiative drives innovation

How Does It Work?

Homes Across America will allow builders, designers, owners and educators to submit case studies for:

Marketable Home Icon
Built or retrofitted for the open market, these homes utilize innovative ideas and technology to minimize waste, prevent pollution and increase efficient use of resources.
Demonstration Home Icon
Constructed for the purpose of research, demonstration and education, these homes provide hard data proving that resource efficiency is a viable alternative.

Sample Submittal Form

Homes Across America
will demonstrate construction practices and finished homes with these resource efficient features:

Site and Design Icon
Waste Management Icon
Green Products Icon
Energy Efficiency Icon
Water Protection Icon
Indoor Air Quality Icon
universal design

Click on an icon above or go to the Terms Defined page for a description of these features.

Integrated Design IconHomes that are designed and constructed considering the interactions of each component (products, location, orientation, equipment, etc.) and using a team approach to optimize resource efficiency will be designated as an Integrated Design.

Homes Across America visitors will be able to search for home case studies using a variety of criteria like "state" and "type of resource efficient feature". The search results will list homes and assistance providers with direct links to home case studies and contact information.

Home Construction Collage


Homes Across America case studies will feature homes . . .

Case Study Web Pages Collage

... and the technology

that makes them

resource efficient.

Proceed to the Search page for an actual demonstration of Homes Across America.

This Demonstration is Only the Beginning . . .

Contact us to:
  • ask questions or make comments

  • tell us about your resource efficient home

  • tell us about resource efficient building in your community

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