Pollution Prevention Guides for 
Auto Body Shops

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Glossary - important terms encountered in the following fact sheets.
Sheet 1 - Introducing Pollution Prevention    
Defining Pollution Prevention 
Auto body Shop Wastes 
Benefits Of Pollution Prevention 
How To Use This Guide 
Sheet 2 - Getting Started 
Top Management Commitment 
Select An Assessment Team 
Identify And Assess Pollution Prevention Opportunities 
Evaluate And Modify 
Pollution Prevention Program Checklist 
Sheet 3 - Defining a Waste 
Defining A Hazardous Waste 
Exempt Hazardous Wastes 
Universal Wastes 
Determining Your Generator Size 
Hazardous Waste Management
Defining A Solid Waste 
Sheet 4 - Housekeeping 
Inventory Control 
Safety And Training 
Material Use And Storage 
Sheet 5 - Paint Preparation and Application
Managing Auto body Repair Materials 
Less Hazardous Material Selection 
Improving The Paint Application Process 
Reducing Paint-Contaminated Wastes 
Sheet 6 - Paint Equipment Cleanup 
Gun Washing Systems 
Efficient Solvent Use 
Managing Paint Booth Filters Properly 
Cleaning Paint Booths 
Sheet 7 - Auto Body Solid Waste
Sheet 8 - Automotive Fluids
Cleaning Solvents 
Sheet 9 - Used Oil 
Reusing And Recycling Used Oil 
Disposal Options For Used Oil 
Sheet 10 - Automotive Fuels
Avoiding Spills And Leaks
Reusing Used Fuel 
Managing Used Fuel 
Sheet 11 - Used Filters
Recycling Used Filters 
Managing Used Filters 
Sheet 12 - Waste Water and Sludge
Sheet 13 - Used Batteries
Battery Storage 
Battery Reuse And Recycling 
Disposal Options 
Sheet 14 - Used Refrigerants
Servicing Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners 
Alternative Refrigerants 
Sheet 15 - Shop Towels
Reusable Shop Towels 
Sheet 16 - Office Waste 
Sheet 17 - Energy Conservation
Energy Savings Tips
Sheet 18 - Water Conservation
Water Conservation Tips
Acknowledgments - authors and contributing organizations.


Original Publication by:

Lara M. Dando and Michael P. Vogel
Montana State University Extension Service
Pollution Prevention Program Taylor Hall Bozeman, Montana 59717
(406) 994-3451
funded by:
The United States Environmental Protection Agency
August 1997

Updated for Internet Publication by:
Tom Bass and Jon Hudson
August 2000

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