Energy: Efficiency
Residential Construction Contractor’s Guide
February 17, 2015

Regulatory issues and best management practices for contractors and designers

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Kevin McMindes and Michael P. Vogel
Montana State University Extension Service
Pollution Prevention Program
Taylor Hall Bozeman, Montana 59717
(406) 994-3451

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The United States Environmental …

Connected to the Earth
February 17, 2015

Environmental Health in and Around the Home

This Native American perspective on the Home*A*Syst program is a do-it-yourself risk assessment tool for homeowners to evaluate environmental and health risks in and around their homes. From keeping drinking water safe to …

Healthy and Safe Schools
February 17, 2015

What if your school could reduce environmental impacts, improve learning conditions and lower operating costs, all at the same time? The MSU Extension Housing and Environmental Health Program has developed the Healthy and Safe Schools Kit to help schools create …

Clean, Green, & Healthy Tribal Schools
Indoor Air Quality
February 15, 2012

A good indoor air quality management plan controls indoor air pollutants, brings in adequate outside air and maintains comfortable temperature and humidity levels. Participants will be introduced to the Tools for Schools Action Kit. Mansel and Graylynn describe how indoor …