Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
March 5, 2015 By Peaks to Prairies

Under the federal CPG, fifty-four items in eight categories have been designated for a purchasing preference. Consider the designated items when thinking of products to develop and sell to the government. Maybe one of them can be made at a lower cost, or improved through a process that your business is developing. Also, you may have a product that you would like to see added to the list that is new to the marketplace. Below you will find hyperlinks to a four page CPG fact sheet and the references for the eight categories. Agencies are required to purchase the designated items whenever possible.

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Vehicular Products

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Nonpaper Office Products

2007 Buy- Recycled Series Transportation Products

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Park and Recreation Products

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Paper Products

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Landscaping Products

2007 Buy- Recycled Series Construction Products

2007 Buy-Recycled Series Miscellaneous Products