Lift Operations
March 12, 2015

In this section, you’ll find information on: Top-Drive Lifts; Harmonics Filtering; Rate Structure and Peak Shaving; Energy Efficient Motor Selection; Heating and Lighting in Lift Houses; Sheave Liner Recycling; High-Altitude Brushes; Paint Selection for Towers and Terminals; Additional Information Sources


Case Studies in this Section:

  • Arapahoe Basin Lenawee Lift, page 2
  • Aspen Skiing Company Installs Harmonic Filters, page 6
  • Reducing Coincident Peak Charges for Snowmass Mountain Lifts, page 8
  • Reducing Demand Charges for Arapahoe Basin Lifts, page 9
  • Timers on Electric Heaters on Snowmass Mountain, page 10
  • Reducing the Number of Heaters in Return Terminal Houses, page 13
  • Lighting Selection for New Lenawee Lift at Arapahoe Basin, page 14


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