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P.O. Box 934
Denver, CO 80202-0934
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Paul Aldretti - Primary


A non-profit alliance whose mission is to promote collaboration among business, government agencies and public interest organizations that work together to achieve environmental leadership within their organizations; champion innovative ideas and technologies in their communities; and foster teh integration of economic, environmental and social values. The Colorado Environmental Partnership sponsors a variety of programs each year that support the goals of the organization. These goals are: 1) to provide an off-the-record, cross-sector forum that supports the development of consensus-based policies and strategies on a variety of environmental issues; and 2) to help organizations identify and implement cost-effective, practical activities taht support their commitment to economic and enviornmental leadership.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Policy
Pollution Prevention

Types of Programs


Clients Serviced

Administrative Agencies
Industrial Organizations
Non-profit Organizations
Small Business

Resources Offered