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FAC 101/ P.O. Box 115703
Gainesville, FL 33711-5703
(352) 392-6755
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Abdol Chini - Primary


The mission of this organization is to foster the implementation of sustainability principles into the creation of the built environment internationally. This includes insuring resources such as energy, water, materials, and land are utilized efficiently and that renewable and recyclable resources are emphasized. The Center for Construction and Environment is primarily a research organization dedicated to the resolution of environmental problems associated with planning and architecture activities and the determination of the optimum materials and methods for use in minimizing environmental damage. The Center develops sustainable building codes for residential construction, conduct seminars, symposia, professional conferences, and courses on the subject of sustainable development and construction-related environmental regulations, activities, and research. It also serves as a clearing house for information on planning, architecture, and construction matters related to sustainable development activities.

Areas of Expertise

Community Development
Conservation of Natural Resources
Environmental Policy
Energy Conservation* (Unreviewed)

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