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Environmental Law Institute
Research and Policy Division
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1616 P St., NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 939-3800
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Elissa Parker - Primary
Rose Edmonds
James McElfish
John Pendergrass
Byron Swift
Jessica Wilkinson


The Research and Policy Division works with local and regional partners, in the United States and worldwide, to strengthen environmental laws, to develop new theories and practical approaches to ensure their effectiveness, and to improve the capacity of citizens and governments to use the law to protect the environment. Programs include: Sustainability and Resource Protection (Land, Biodiversity, Water Pollution Prevention, Wetlands, Mining, Brownfields and Green Building, Environmental Management and Capacity Building, International Programs, and Center for Public Health and Law (Indoor Environments, Radiation, Risk Assessment, Community Environmental Health and Contaminated Sites).

Areas of Expertise

Community Development
Environmental Law
Environmental Management (ISO 14000)
Environmental Policy
Pollution Prevention
Risk Management
Waste Management
Water Conservation
Energy Conservation* (Unreviewed)
Water/Wastewater* (Unreviewed)

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