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After Action Reports for Department of Defense P2 Partnership Meetings

Colorado/DOD P2 Network - Vehicle Maintenance Staff Assistance Visit Report
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DENIX (Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange) - Parts of the site are not accessible to the public but the library portion (URL below) is and includes on-line resources in many categories including pollution prevention for businesses. . Also check out the P2 Information Section 

 The Joint Service Pollution Prevention Technical Library is comprised of three main elements - the Joint Service P2 Opportunities Handbook, the P2 Equipment Program (PPEP) Book, and the Environmental Products Catalog. The Joint Services P2 Opportunities Handbook identifies "off-the-shelf" pollution prevention technologies, management practices, and process changes that reduce the amount of hazardous waste and solid waste being generated at joint service industrial facilities. The P2 Equipment Program (PPEP) Book identifies commercially available pollution prevention equipment that is being evaluated or purchased by the Navy. The Environmental Products Catalog suggests nonhazardous or less hazardous alternatives to previously used products or processes.

Fielding Environmental Solutions is an e-mail newsletter provided by the U.S. Army Environmental Center’s (USAEC) Pollution Prevention and Environmental Technology Division (P2&ETD). The purpose of this service is to provide information on recently published documents, field demonstrations of innovative technologies, and highlight technology transfer efforts of the P2&ETD. Important messages will be disseminated through an e-mail approximately once a month. This will highlight new publications and events of interest to site remediation and site assessment professionals. This free service will be a method of bridging the gap between the developers, regulators, and users of innovative technologies. This link provides subscribing information and an archive of back issues.

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