Program Description: Conservation loan funds are used to implement any conserva-tion practice in an NRCS approved conservation plan, as well as being used to refinance debts related to implementing an NRCS approved conservation plan. The rate on these loans is determined by the lender for a term not to exceed 30 years and there is a loan guarantee fee of 1.5%. Funds can be used to implement a conservation practice ap-proved by the Natural Resources and Conservation Service, such as to reduce soil ero-sion, improve water quality, and promote sustainable and organic agricultural practices.Example projects include: establishment or improvement of permanent pastures, transitioning to organic productionWho is eligible: Those who meet U.S. citizenship requirements; the operation must be a family farm or ranch, and the majority of the physical labor and manage-ment is provided by you, a family member, or another entity member.Funding Amount: $1,355,000 (amount adjusted annually for inflation)How/when to apply: Contact your local USDA and explore the link below. Link: Farm Services AgencyGuaranteed Conservation Loans
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