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Do you assist companies with evaluating their energy/water usage or provide them with recommendations for energy or water savings? Do you provide regular training on ENERGY STAR® or Portfolio Manager®? Here is an opportunity to join ENERGY STAR’s Trainer Community, a network of professionals around the country who deliver ENERGY STAR training sessions to the public. As a member of the community, you’ll get access to all of ENERGY STAR’s trainer resources, plus a monthly email with:

  • Advance notice of upcoming Portfolio Manager changes
  • Advance notice of new ENERGY STAR resources
  • Invitations to quarterly trainer meetings

Even if you don’t regularly give training sessions, you can still use the training resources—such as annotated slide decks and videos—to help you do your job better.

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Requirements to become a Trainer

At this time, there is no official commitment required on the part of those interested in joining the Trainer Community, and all of your training is self-initiated; it is made available to you, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it. There is no certification process to become an ENERGY STAR Trainer.

Training Opportunities

There are numerous webinar trainings opportunities available on a host of topics related to ENERGY STAR.

View the webinar schedule

There are several pre-recorded trainings available as well. Here are some great places to start:

From there, explore the library of additional recorded trainings:

Access additional recorded trainings

Additional Resources for Trainers

Slide Decks

ENERGY STAR also provides ready-made “slide decks”, ready for you to edit and co-brand with your own business information. These slide decks are in PowerPoint format and include speaker notes.

Express Videos

Trainers are welcome to use the following “express” videos as they train others, as well. These 3- to 5-minute videos are perfect for helping people get started benchmarking quickly. Download these videos to put directly into your offline training presentations, or link to them on our YouTube channel

  • How to set up a property
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 51.5 MB]
  • How to setup meter
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 69.6 MB]
  • How to generate standard reports
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 42.3 MB]
  • How to respond to data requests
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 42.7 MB]
  • How to create a data request
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 24.9 MB]
  • How to connect with other users
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 5.9 MB]
  • How to share properties
Watch on YouTube Download [mp4, 13.4 MB]

Newsletter Archive

You can access the archive of past newsletters online:

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Further Assistance

If you have additional questions regarding the ENERGY STAR Trainer Community, please contact us at

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