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In this Toolkit, the Inventory worksheets are linked to the Disposal worksheets, so that any surplus products or waste chemicals identified through the inventory can be tracked through the disposal process. In order to make the Science Labs Disposal Worksheets more manageable,  you’ll first want to add the items not found on our lists, and eliminate the rows corresponding to items you did not check off in your inventory, i.e. items that are not present in your science labs. You can refer to your hard or electronic copy of the Inventory to edit the Disposal Excel file so it fits your situation.

The Science Labs Disposal Worksheets provide guidance about chemical handling for some of the items listed, as well as columns to identify the amount of the product to be disposed of, and to check off steps taken to assist the school-wide disposal procedures. Fill out the Disposal Worksheets. The school’s disposal point person will gather yours, and those from other school sectors in order to compile a complete disposal plan for informing and working with a hauling company.

       Inventory | Checklist for purchasing of chemicals (EXCEL) | Purchasing | Storage and Labeling Principles of Green Chemistry (DOC) | Alternative Options (Reduced Scale Chemistry) Checklist (EXCEL) | Hazardous Waste Management Checklist and BMPs (WORD) | Science Laboratories: Waste Disposal Guidance (WORD)



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