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P2 in Region 8 Department of Defense

Military pollution prevention programs are extensive and focus on a variety of objectives, with the goal of replicating current successes by incorporating efforts to limit or eliminate future environmental problems into all management decisions. This section offers information on DoD activities in Region 8 with resources from the Colorado/DoD P2 Network (a group of P2 representatives from DoD installations, local industry, EPA Region 8, and the CDPHE P2 Program) including:

  • After-Action Reports from Colorado Interagency Environmental Network Meetings in 1999-2000 covering discussions and cooperative activities of the Network and regarding environmental issues of common interest (DoD Minutes).
  • A Pollution Prevention Success Story Compendium (pdf format) developed by the Network as a vehicle for cross-feeding successful P2 case studies, initiatives and approaches implemented at federal facilities in Colorado. It provides key facts and information about the scope and applicability of various programs, allowing managers to assess implementation possibilities at their facilities (Success Stories).
  • A Final Report on the Vehicle Maintenance Staff Assistance Visit (pdf format) conducted at the request of the Network that details findings and recommendations from the SAV team that performed walk-through P2 opportunity assessments for vehicle maintenance facilities at three Colorado DoD installations (Vehicle Maintenance).
  • P2 Resources from the Department of Defense, including on-line sources for P2 information produced by DoD agencies (Resources).

P2 Resources from the Department of Defense

DENIX (Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange):
Although parts of the site are not accessible to the public, the library portion is. It links to on-line resources in many categories (at:

The Joint Service Pollution Prevention and Sustainability Technical Library is comprised of three main elements:

  1. Joint Service P2 Opportunities Handbook: identifies "off-the-shelf" pollution prevention technologies, management practices, and process changes that reduce the amount of hazardous waste and solid waste being generated at joint service industrial facilities.
  2. P2 Equipment Program (PPEP) Book: identifies commercially available pollution prevention equipment that is being evaluated or purchased by the Navy.
  3. Environmental Products Catalog: suggests nonhazardous or less hazardous alternatives to previously used products or processes.

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