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Agricultural News


DOE and USDA Jointly Seek Biomass Research and Development Research Grant Funding Proposals (1/19/04)
The Best Dollar for the Assset is the Water (12/28/03)
Consumers Prefer Locally Grown Foods (12/24/03)
Poplar Trees Love Pig Farm Sludge (12/16/03)
Montana Regulators Deal with Confusion Over CAFOs Permitting Requirements (12/5/03)
Saving Family Farms (12/2/03)
Plains Aquifer/Water Source Debate (12/1/03)
Buyout Plan Divides Western Ranchers (11/20/03)
Loveland Farms Vanish Amidst a Harvets of Houses (11/13/03)
Ethanol Waste as Possible Fiber Source (11/12/03)
CSU High Plains Center Receives Grant for Agricultural Operations Research and Education (11/12/03)
CSU Study Shows Land-Use Changes Lead to Freezes in S. Florida (11/5/03)
Global Water Consumption and Agriculture (10/30/03)
Colorado Ranches Cool to Proposed Western Grazing Law (10/27/03)
MSU Researchers Look for Coal-Bed Methane Compatible Forages (10/16/03)
Noxious Weeds vs. Self-Sustaining Healthy Plant Community (10/14/03)
Organic Agriculture May Help Stop Global Warming (10/10/03)
NREL and Dupont Launch Project to Develop First "Bio-Refinery" (10/6/03)
Potential Amnesty Plan on Pollution from Animal Farms (9/25/03)
Group Wins Federal Grant to Turn Farm Waste into Fuel (9/19/03)
Site Helps Assess Potential Price Impacts of Ethanol Production (9/15/03)
Colorado Orders Irrigation Wells Shut (8/29/03)
Linear Irrigation Potential for North Dakota and Montana (8/18/03)
Drought Impacts SW Colorado Farmers (8/17/03)

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We can bolster poundage from depleted soils by pouring on imported fertility, but we are not necessarily bolstering food-value....few educated people realize that the marvelous advances in technique made during recent decades are improvements in the pump, rather than the well. Acre for acre, they have barely sufficed to offset the sinking level of fertility. --Aldo Leopold

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