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Extractive Industry News

Norton Calls for Tripling Gas Permits in Wyoming (1/22/04)
New Way with Water: Wyoming Coal Bed Methane Looks to WWII Era Science (1/9/04)
Natural Gas From Utah (1/6/04)
Montana Proceeds Carefully in Coalbed Methane Development (1/4/04)
Information on Asbestos and Asbestos Control (12/23/03)
Drilling Permits in Western States (12/23/03)
Some Utah Residents Say No to New Coal (12/22/03)
Water at the Heart of Wyoming Drilling Conflict (12/22/03)
Water Concerns Stall Drilling in Montana (12/22/03)
Drilling in the Rockies (12/21/03)
BLM to Restudy Coal Bed Methane Project in SW Montana (12/10/03)
Wyoming Mines Want Changes in Federal Coal Rules (11/26/03)
Asbestos Claims against Grace on Hold (11/25/03)
Regulating Gas Reserves on Public Land (11/22/03)
Leavitt Asks BLM to Delay Drilling (11/6/03)
Wyoming Pipelines Become Key Issue (11/2/03)
Study Says Methane Water Could Erase Montana, Wyoming Species (10/31/03)
Oil, Gas Leases Up for Bid in Scenic Utah (10/31/03)
More Drilling Rigs than Ever in Colorado and Wyoming (10/29/03)
Experts Look for Link Between Methane Wells and West Nile Virus (10/28/03)
Montana Cyanide Case Before High Court (10/28/03)
Researchers Seek Coal-Bed Methane Compatible Forages (10/24/03)
Asbestos Alarm in Colorado (10/24/03)
Air Quality a Concern In Wyoming Gas Fields (10/24/03)
National Commission on Energy Policy Reports on Natural Gas Supplies (10/21/03)
Supreme Court Leaves Coalbed Water Labeled as Pollutant (10/21/0)
Natural Gas in the West (10/20/03)
MSU Researchers Look for Coal-Bed Methane Compatible Forages (10/16/03)
Price Cut Unlikely Despite Higher Gas Output in Wyoming (10/15/03)
Wyoming CBM Water Quality Monitoring (10/14/03)
Libby Asbestos at Denver Processing Plant (10/13/03)
Rocky Mountain Land-Use Clash Over Fuels (10/12/03)
Wyoming Governor Wants Quicker Drilling Permits, More Enforcement (10/5/03)
Companies Admit to Falsified Gas Prices in Wyoming (10/2/03)
Wyoming Coalbed Methane Project Proposed (9/21/03)
Utah Not Global Player in Mining Industry (9/19/03)
Bill Exempts Disputed Drilling Process (9/8/03)
Judge Orders Grace to Pay for Libby Cleanup (8/28/03)
Red Desert Braces for Gas Boom and sidebar (8/18/03)
Rockies Targeted for Gas Drilling (8/8/03)

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