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Ski Areas Get Online Pollution Prevention Help

The Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention (P2) Information Center in Bozeman, Montana recently published its online Ski Area pollution prevention topic hub. The hub was a joint venture of Peaks to Prairies, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Pollution Prevention Program, and Tetra Tech EM Inc.

The Ski Area Management topic hub serves as an information resource for pollution prevention assistance providers, ski area managers and staff, and businesses that provide products and services to the ski industry. The hub details pollution prevention challenges faced by ski areas. These include energy use, construction, maintenance, resort and restaurant management, and snow making. The narrative pinpoints operation areas that can benefit from pollution prevention. Online links highlight P2 success stories and strategies used by ski areas. Links and other resources also direct users to green products, services, industry trends, and environmentally sustainable methods of operation that benefit ski areas, employees, recreationists, and communities.

According to Mike Vogel, Peaks to Prairies Center Director, the topic hub will help ski areas help people have fun, while reducing expenses associated with ski operations and environmental regulations. "Ski areas face a changing economic as well as a changing global climate," Vogel said. "This double whammy is pressing the ski industry and managers into new ways to do business. This website shows how ski areas are doing everything from lobbying government officials to addressing climate change, to running the leanest and greenest mountain operation possible. Greening their operations is proven to be the best way to save money and improve the environment. The most successful ski areas go far beyond what regulations require. They are doing novel things that many types of businesses could benefit from."

The Ski Hub is one of many industry-specific topic hubs developed by EPA-funded regional P2 information centers around the United States. Topic hubs are designed to get users directly to relevant online information, and are updated frequently. To access the Ski Area topic hub, log on to: For information about the Peaks to Prairies Information Center, call (406) 994-3451 or email (5/03)

Peaks to Prairies Welcomes New Team Member
Steve Guettermann is the new Pollution Prevention Specialist at Peaks to Prairies. He will concentrate on developing pollution prevention materials for the construction, outdoor recreation, and community growth sectors. Steve worked with the Montana Conservation Corps and developed environmental programs for leaders and trail crews throughout the state, many of which centered around restoration and reclamation projects. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to over thirty books and a variety of health and environmental education materials, including a water education notebook for Montana State's Project WET. Steve earned his Master's degree in Science Education from Kansas State University. He can be reached at 406-994-4292 or (2/03)

P2 and Youth Education Resource:
Peaks to Prairies is pleased to announce the launch of a new topic hub that defines the relationship between pollution prevention and environmental literacy. It offers teaching strategies, curricula and activities, and a reference library, and includes over 180 links related to P2 and education. Curricula and activities are identified by age groups and by the following topics: Agriculture, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Household & Community Waste Management, P2 Careers, P2 Consumer, Transportation, and Water Quality. This hub is currently under review by educators and P2 professionals. Visit it at the above URL, then click on "Youth Ed." (11/02)

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