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AUGUST, 2002

The Wyoming P2 Program is located in the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality within the non-regulatory Office of Outreach and Environmental Assistance. Small business P2 assistance has been the historical main focus of the program. Current efforts of the P2 Program are being expanded to broaden the scope and acceptance of P2 in Wyoming through outreach to other government agencies, NGO's, and the public sector involved with environmental quality issues . Regulatory integration into the daily activities of Wyoming DEQ has been gaining success and will continue as a program priortiy.

Primary P2 Program activities completed and direction for the next year are summarized as follows:

  • A matching funds cooperative agreement was extended with the Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (MAMTC) to provide on-site voluntary P2 evaluations and assistance to 10 small businesses in the state. These assessments are used as case studies to document the value of P2 Practices. This cooperative agreement will be renewed in 2003 to provide 7 new case studies.

  • A matching funds cooperative agreement was entered into with The Institute of Science, Ecology, and Environment (ISEE) to host an intercollegiate design competition that requires student teams to design a snowmobile with reduced emissions and noise characteristics. The resultant competition, the Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2001 was held in Jackson, Wyoming during the last week of March, 2002. Many partners were involved in this P2 project including Wyoming DEQ, Montana DEQ, Peaks to Prairies P2 Information Center, U.S. EPA, Society of Automotive Engineers, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, the Town of Jackson, Wyoming Snowmobile Assoc., Snowmobile Manufacturers Assoc., and many others. The CSC 2003 will be hosted in Northern Michigan to take the focus of clean snowmobiles throughout the country. Wyomings' P2 program will reduce future involvement with this project to a local level sponsorship of the University of Wyoming Clean Snowmobile Development Team.

  • A matching funds cooperative agreement will be entered into with the City of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming to prepare and distribute guidance on the effects of open burning, advertise alternatives and promote education of P2 to citizens and schools. Results of this project will be prepared as a case study for distribution to other municipalities, local governments, and residents.

  • Outreach and Assistance information and workshops highlighting P2 practices were presented throughout the state to groups such as the Wyoming Solid Waste Managers and Recycling Assoc., Wyoming Rural Water Systems Assoc., Wyoming Water Quality and Pollution Control Assoc., Wyoming Small Business Development Centers, Wyoming Business Coucil, Wyoming Extension Showcase on Technology, Wyoming Assoc. of Municipalities, Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Expo, and Wyoming Teachers Association.

  • Continued publication 3 times per year of "The Environmental Assistant", the official newsletter of the Wyoming DEQ prepared and edited by the P2 Program Coordinator. The newsletter is directed toward advancing the acceptance of P2 as the practice of first choice for protection of Wyoming's environmental quality.

  • Over 200 on-site individual introductions of the P2 Program to businesses were completed during the past year during business travel throughout the state. This outreach effort will continue into the next grant cycle, however, at a possibly reduced level due to time constraints with other activities.

  • The P2 Program has been actively involved in the on going process of development of the states' Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). The VRP process provides reduced regulatory oversight incentives to facilities undergoing site remediation that have adopted an approved P2 Plan. This program represents the first state legislation recognizing P2 as a component of environmental quality policy and furthers the P2 Programs goal of pursuing regulatory integration.

  • The P2 Program is developing a working partnership with the Wyoming Board of Education to assess the extent of hazardous chemical use within school laboratories. Surveys have been sent to each secondary school in the state to determine interest in participation in a school lab cleanup and training on proper lab chemical management with an emphasis on P2. The next grant cycle will focus on developing materials and hosting a series of workshops to chemistry lab instructors across the state.

  • The P2 Program has been involved with several community Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events across the state and will continue to support these events as well as recycling, waste minimization, waste treatment, and proper waste disposal in an effort to protect the environment and promote P2.

And lastly, the Wyoming P2 Program looks forward to working with all the other states, Peaks to Prairies P2 Information Center, and EPA to develop and promote a Region 8 P2 project.

Contact Information:

Stephen Roseberry
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
P2 Program Coordinator
Herschler Bldg.- 4W
122 W. 25th St
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Tel: 307-777-6105

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