Region 8 State P2 Programs


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability
P2 Contact: Lynette Myers, Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Coordinator


Montana Department of Environmental Quality – Energy and Pollution Prevention Bureau
P2 Contact:Bonnie Rouse, Recycling, Energy and Compliance Assistance

Montana Pollution Prevention Program, Montana State University
P2 Contact: Jenny Grossenbacher

North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health – Waste Management Division
P2 Contact: Steve Tillotson, Solid Waste Program Manager

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Utah Department of Environmental Quality – Pollution Prevention Program
P2 Contact: Paul Harding, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

Clean Utah


Drinking Water Energy (Cost) Savings Program

Utah BMP at Industrial & Municipal Sites

Utah BMP for Automotive Salvage Yards:

Utah BMP for Construction Sites


Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
P2 Contact: Landon Brown, Coordinator of Pollution Prevention Program

Other P2 Programs

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