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Approximately 10 million tons of waste asphalt shingles are generated each year through reroofing activities in the U.S. Manufacturing produces another 1 million tons of asphalt shingle scrap per year. Asphalt shingles consist of a felt mat, either organic (cellulose paper) or fiberglass, asphalt, small rock, ceramic coating and a mineral stabilizer. In some older shingles, a small percentage of asbestos may exist creating a handling concern. Most waste shingles and scraps can be processed, generally by grinding, and recycled by a number of road, fuel and shingle markets.

Shingle Recycling Org is a comprehensive overview of asphalt shingles, recycling opportunities and regulatory issues. The website is intended to assist those interested in asphalt shingle recycling activities by providing pertinent information and contacts. It includes a discussion of recycling markets, links to current reports and articles, a list of state regulatory contacts, and a summary of specific state studies regarding highway and trail pavement applications. Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida.


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