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Equipment Directories

State Incentives for Purchases
Equipment Reviews and Guides

Equipment Directories: Buy, Sell, Lease

Public Works Marketplace -
Search for equipment by product or supplier. Or browse the "Equipment and Machinery" category for "Waste Handling and Disposal" or "Solid Waste Treatment". Also, locate "Services" such as asbestos or hazardous waste removal.

Solid Waste Marketplace -
Search for equipment by product or supplier. Browse the "Collection, Debris ", "Waste Handling", "Services" or many other categories.

Global Recycling Network -
Choose "Company Directories" tab. Then "Search Directories" by type of company/organization (recycler, equipment, hazwaste, etc.), name of company, location or other characteristics.

Equipment -
Select "Construction" from the Free Market column. Then choose "Equipment Locator" from the floating box at right to submit a request for particular equipment. This is a growing site and will soon feature a "Recycling" category as well as a direct search mechanism through the Open Market column. This site also features information on leasing and financing equipment.

Used Waste and Recycling Equipment Exchange Listings -
Scroll down to locate used equipment near you or to estimate relevant costs of procuring equipment.

State Incentives for Recycling Equipment Purchases

State Recycling Tax Incentives -
Descriptions of tax credits, deductions, and exemptions for recycling related activities, ie. equipment purchases, product purchases, etc. by state.

Equipment Reviews and Guides

Recycling Product News -
Recycling Product News focuses on products, technologies, services and industry news in recycling and waste management from composting to scrap metal. This tabloid includes product literature reviews, articles submitted by industry experts and show coverage.

Wood Waste Best Practices -
A report prepared by the Clean Washington Center offers short but comprehensive factsheets on equipment needs from material handling to size reduction and screening. The report addresses wood waste with a focus on large processors, but has application to any wood management project. Look under the "Processing" heading to choose the factsheet(s) that will address your equipment needs.
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