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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Back to Prosperity: A Competitive Agenda for Renewing Pennsylvania
Abstract: This report contends that the economic future of a major rust belt state depends on revitalizing its demographic mix and curbing some of the nation's most radical patterns of sprawl and abandonment. Above all, the study reveals that Pennsylvania's highly decentralized growth patterns are weakening the state's established communities, undercutting the very places whose assets the state needs to compete in the knowledge economy.
Source: The Brookings Institution
URL: http://www.brookings.edu/research/reports/2003/12/metropolit

Building Alternatives for Public Projects: A Smart Growth Approach [PDF]
Abstract: In depth review of how communities can develop a process for green building, why traditional buildings and communities consume so much, and case studies showing alternatives to sprawl and environmental degradation.
Source: University of Wisconsin Extension Service
URL: http://www3.uwm.edu/shwec/publications/cabinet/pdf/ba0002pri

Conservation Law Foundation Case Studies
Abstract: A resource for people working to create more livable communities through sustainable measures.
Source: Conservation Law Foundation
URL: http://www.clf.org/

Linking Sustainable Community Activities to Pollution Prevention:
Abstract: This highly respected source book documents how communities across the United States are taking a new approach to developing long-term healthy communities based on the concepts of sustainability. This report discusses the growing sustainable community "movement." Its purpose is to shed some light on this movement, to describe a range of efforts currently under way in U.S. communities, to explain the relationship of such efforts to pollution prevention (P2) activities, and to act as a reference source about sustainable communities for P2 practitioners and other individuals interested in these topics.
Source: Rand Corporation
URL: http://www.rand.org/pubs/monograph_reports/MR855.html

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment
Abstract: UNDPs Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment (PPPUE) facility supports the development of innovative partnerships between public and private actors at the local level. Focusing on assisting small and medium-sized cities, PPPUE works with all potential stakeholders, including investors, providers, regulators, users, and experts to meet the challenge of providing basic urban environmental services.
Source: United Nations Development Program
URL: http://www.pppue.org.np/

Smart Growth Network
Abstract: Definition and explanation of smart growth including references to principles and issues.
Source: Smart Growth Network
URL: http://www.smartgrowth.org/network.php

Smart Growth Overview
Abstract: Smart growth recognizes connections between urban development and quality of life.
Source: Smarth Growth Network
URL: http://www.smartgrowth.org/about/overview.asp?res=1920

Sustainable Design, Construction and Land Development [PDF]
Abstract: This guidebook provides basic information about better land use techniques, creating land conserving subdivisions, using green building materials, and the latest energy- and resource efficient building technologies.
Source: Southface Energy Institute
URL: http://www.southface.org/web/resources&services/publications


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