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Clean Snowmobile Facts
Presents objective and balanced information about all aspects of the debate over snowmobile emission...

Clean Snowmobiles: Reasons for Change
Cleaner Snowmobile Technology Reasons to Change

High emission levels from snowmobiles have been widely publicized over the past few years. Some believe that snowmobile emissions are too high and must be reduced. The United States Environmental Protection Agency released draft snowmobile emission standards in September 2001 by court order.

Snowmobile Regulations

The Department of Interior, National Park Service and Department of Agriculture, United States Forest Service have expressed serious concerns that snowmobile use has not complied with all federal codes, regulations, and executive orders. These agencies are taking action to re-write the rules in the Code of Federal Register regarding snowmobile use to comply with the existing rules and laws.

However, as a result of a court settlement, the National Park Service is conducting a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to consider newer, cleaner technology with a draft due to the public in December 2001, and a final record of decision in November 2002.

Cleaner, Quieter Snowmobiles

  • Access to existing snowmobile trails and public lands will be protected if snowmobile pollution is reduced.

  • Snowmobilers will have a more pleasant riding experience if their exposure to snowmobile exhaust emissions is decreased. They are currently exposed to significant levels of pollution from their own vehicles.

  • Rental operators may attract new customers by offering cleaner, quieter snowmobiles for rent. Many people who would otherwise enjoy snowmobiling choose not to ride because they find the fumes and sound levels offensive.

Snowmobile rental operators and outfitters who use ethanol-blend and low-emissions lube oil have cut maintenance by at least 60 percent, and have gotten a higher resale on the machines due to cleaner engines and less engine wear. Three-season long demonstration projects have shown that use of these products increases engine life, reduces fuel consumption, and increases power by at least five percent. Rental operators and personal use snowmobilers who use the newer technology and four-stroke machines will save money because of the increase in fuel economy from the 9 to 13 mile per gallon average to the 25 to 35 miles per gallon observed in small fleets (of 50 new four-stroke snowmobiles).


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