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Laboratory Self Audit
What is P2?
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June 26, 2001




Pollution Prevention (P2) for
Agricultural and Vocational Educators

Laboratory Self-Audit and Preferred Practices

Using these guidelines will help educators and managers of teaching laboratories examine how they currently prevent pollution and manage waste and make decisions on how to improve. 

The audit is divided into sections by teaching area; some areas have overlapping issues. General concepts apply to all teaching areas. Preferred practices are included in each section. 

If you suspect a hazardous waste problem, contact local assistance or authorities to promptly address the issue and protect personal and environmental health and safety. 

The guidelines are broad-based to cover all programs, if you have special needs or require further technical support, please contact the Peaks to Prairies Center for further assistance or referral. Good luck!

Setting Up Your Audit

General Housekeeping & Resource Conservation

Agricultural & Power Mechanics Laboratory

Construction/Carpentry Laboratory

Green House/Farm Plot Areas

Metals and Welding Laboratory

Animal Confinement Areas


Pollution Prevention or waste management questions?

Who to contact:

Montana State University Extension Service
Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center
(406) 994-3451

Who to call locally:

  • County Extension Agent
  • Local Health Department
  • Local Sanitarian
  • Local Environmental Health Office
  • Water/Sewer Authority
  • Landfill Operator
  • Solid Waste Office