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American Association of Housing Educators logo

Address Information

Montana State University Extension Service
PO Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 597173580
Fax. 406-994-5417


Michael Vogel  mvogel@montana.edu - Primary
Marilyn Bode  mbode@MAIL.FCS.IASTATE.EDU
Joe Laquatra  jl27@cornell.edu
B. White  White@humec.ksu.edu


AAHE is an organization that promotes excellence in the planning, development, delivery and service of decent, safe, sanitary, affordable, ecologically sound, and appropriately designed housing for all people. Members of the organization recognize and understand the relationship that exists among the well being of individuals, families, and communities and the holistic housing environment. The organization is a major forum for professional dialogue among educators, researchers, and policy makers in the field of housing.

Areas of Expertise

Community Development

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Trade Association

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