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Providing resources for pollution prevention in business and education

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Pollution Prevention in Agriculture

Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming have more than 220 million acres in farmland and derive a sizeable portion of their income from farm-related activities. Each state also has a Department of Agriculture focusing on the industry plus efforts by various branches of the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Many smaller entitites also work on agricultural issues including active producer groups and colleges and universities. Because clean air, water and productive soil support a healthy agricultural industry, stewardship of the land has always been an important issue. Ag Projects is a searchable database of research and demonstration projects from around the region that show pollution prevention connections. Visitors can browse the list of projects in the database, search for projects with a particular focus or keyword, and submit new projects for consideration.

Residential Construction

Contractors, designers, consumers and service providers (real estate agents, home inspectors, lending and governmental agencies, etc.) deal with a variety of pollution-related issues -- from regulations to marketability to employee health and safety, to community relations during remodel or new home projects. Resource efficient building practices will allow this industry to meet consumer demand, increase profits, provide savings for the consumer and enhance marketing opportunities while using resources in a sustainable manner. This section of the site offers current news and events, several industry guides and a searchable catalog of web-based resources to serve a national audience.

Outdoor Recreation

EPA Region 8 states have a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities. Many people living here also earn their livelihood offering services and outdoor experiences to those who come to enjoy the region's natural beauty. Outdoor recreation industries have many opportunities to prevent pollution and every effort will contribute to the long-term success of the business because the effects of not preventing pollution are soon apparent. Topics covered currently include snowmobiling with resources for the downhill ski industry and national parks soon to come. While focusing on recreation opportunities available in Region 8, the resources presented here can be used wherever similar industries operate.

Auto Body Shops

Pollution prevention resources specifically geared to auto body shops and the assistance providers who serve them can be found here. Shops and assistance providers from around the country will find practical, time-tested information to improve auto body shop safety and efficiency and to promote pollution prevention practices.


Education is the key to widespread adoption of pollution prevention in all walks of life. Since it is predominantly a voluntary activity, pollution prevention could be called an education in itself. This portion of the site is dedicated to how pollution prevention is and can be integrated into formal education at the k-12 level and at tech schools and universities. Current offerings include the EnviroRangers (exits this site), a P2 club on the web for kids (including teacher resources); a tool for high school Ag and Vocational Educators to use in practicing pollution prevention in their teaching areas; and a Higher Ed Survey of colleges and universities in EPA Region 8 states.

Community Growth

Like many areas of the country, some communities in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming are experiencing unprecedented growth while others are suffering economically from loss of population. Many community growth issues (loss of agricultural land, need for infrastructure, water quality and availability, etc.) involve opportunities to prevent pollution and find ways to create sustainable, low-impact communities. This section of the site offers an overview of pollution prevention as it relates to growth issues and links to regional efforts.

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