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Outdoor Recreation Industries

Pollution prevention saves money,
enhances business image and protects
air, water and human health.

With thousands of acres of public land and a variety of terrain from mountains to plains and rivers to lakes, Region 8 states have a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities. Many people living here also earn their livelihood offering services and outdoor experiences to those who come to enjoy the region's natural beauty. Outdoor recreation industries have many opportunities to prevent pollution and every effort will contribute to the long-term success of the business because the effects of not preventing pollution are soon apparent.

Peaks to Prairies has established this collection of resources to address the pollution prevention needs of these industries. The collection will continue to grow. We welcome suggestions for additional topics and will research questions if you do not find an answer here. For regional news about pollution prevention and outdoor recreation, please check our news pages.

  • The Public Lands Topic Hub introduces the role pollution prevention (P2) can play in achieving land management missions in operations as well as visitor education. It provides an overview of various public land agencies and demographics, gives reasons to change, and provides links to P2 tools to assist managers, maintenance personnel, interpreters and technical assistance providers.

  • The Clean Snowmobiles Topic Hub is a guide to selected resources about development of clean snowmobiles available on the web. The hub offers a summary of pollution prevention issues for the snowmobile industry and refers readers to experts and publications that can help with more specific questions.

  • The Ski Handbook is a guide for ski areas wanting to green their operations. It features practical, proven techniques and technologies that will reduce environmental impacts and result in cost savings. The Handbook was prepared by Tetra Tech EM Inc. with funding from EPA administered through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Pollution Prevention Program. The Ski Areas Topic Hub complements this resource with information geared toward a technical assistance provider and provides more resources.

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