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Last updated:
December 3, 2001

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Residential Construction Technical Assistance
Site Features

Professionals involved in residential construction activities consider issues from regulations to marketability to employee health and safety, to community relations during remodel, upgrade or new home projects.

Resource efficient building practices can enable building professionals to meet consumer demand, increase profits, provide savings for the consumer and enhance marketing opportunities.

This site is designed to assist building industry professionals to combine these pieces in a home that provides the least impact on natural resources while enhancing homeowner satisfaction.

The site is comprised of the following services:

Link of the Month: December 2001

Protecting the Environment and Ourselves: Are green building concepts still practical in an age of terrorism?

"With the threat of terrorism on the rise, existing design philosophies are being re-evaluated in an effort to improve the safety and survivability of buildings and their occupants. One need not look too hard though because, in fact, technology presently exists that can increase safety and security, and it originates from an unconventional source - the green buildings movement."

By David J. Freeman and Robert L. Wegman, Earth Times News Service

Staying Current (Events and News Sources)
This page provides a way to keep up-to-date on new technology, trends and educational events. A list of current conferences, workshops and other events around the nation is routinely posted. A list of websites for periodicals, news, and product reviews helps you get to the source of new information. A "Hot News" topic will also be highlighted at this location on a monthly basis.

Construction Resources
This feature allows the user to browse for fact sheets, books, links, contacts and other helpful resources through selected categories, or search using keywords.

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Guide - 
This profile defines C&D waste, examines characteristics and impacts on our landfills, and provides guidance for on-site management of waste.  It contains information on calculating the potential and savings for reducing waste, reuse and recycling of materials. It also includes links for waste material exchanges, recycling organizations and equipment.
Residential Construction Topic Hub -
This hub features a compilation of pertinent on-line resources (reports, guidelines, news and contacts) to resource efficient construction or “green building” practices. It provides a quick guide for builders, designers, architects and pollution prevention assistance providers with key resources highlighted for each of nine topic sections. The hub assists the user toward design and construction practices that increase homeowner satisfaction, conserve resources, and minimize waste products, benefiting builders and communities through financial and environmental avenues.
Contractor's Guide -
This guide provides residential construction contractors and designers with practical ideas on how to reduce or eliminate waste through "Best Pollution Prevention Practices," as outlined by the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. Twelve sections cover important issues of regulations, health and safety, and resource conservation and management. Suggestions include free or low-cost operational changes as well as structural modifications, complex technologies, or material substitutions.

Healthy Indoor Air for America's Homes -
This program provides basic but comprehensive information to consumers and assistance providers pertaining to residential indoor air quality including pollution sources, health risks, and control measures. The site features an indoor air hazard home tour, factsheets and training modules for pollutant identification, contol and building science.

Resource Efficient Homes Across America -
This site provides profiles on resource efficient homes in each state. Contact information and home characteristics are included.

For more information on resource efficient building...

These articles from past issues of Environmental Building News provide an overview of the topic. 

Visit EBN for news, and information on new products and technologies.

Questions and Additional Assistance.  
Contact the Peaks to Prairies Information Center for further assistance in locating resources or to make comments and suggestions.