Program Description: Direct Farm Ownership loans are given to purchase farms, con-struct building or make other capital improvements, improve soil and water conservation, and to pay closing costs. They include an interest rate of 5% or less if at least 50% of the loan amount is provided by another lender, for a term up to 40 years. FSA loan officers are responsible for every aspect of the loan application process, and funding is provided through Congressional appropriation.Example projects include: farm improvements and water conservationWho is eligible: Those who meet U.S. citizenship requirements; the operation must be a family farm or ranch, and the majority of the physical labor and management is provided by you, a family member, or another entity member. All applicants must have participated in the day-to-day management of a farm or ranch for at least 3 years.Funding Amount: Maximum amount of $300,000, with no required down payment.How/when to apply: Contact your local USDA and explore the link below. Link: Farm Services AgencyDirect Farm Ownership
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