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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Collection Programs
Alternative Products
Handling, Recycling & Disposal
Mercury Reduction Programs
Where To Go for Help
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Mercury-Automotive - Table of Contents Links

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Action Plan: Comprehensive Solution to Address Mercury in Automobiles
Abstract: Report detailing why mercury should be eliminated from automobiles. The action plan consists of the following principles: 1-recovery, collection, and information, 2-design for recycling, 3-regulatory flexibility, 4-public education, and 5-government responsibility.
Source: Partnership for Mercury Free Vehicles
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/partnership.shtml

ARA Supports State Attorney General's Efforts to Have Auto Manufacturers Remove Toxic Vehicle Parts
Abstract: This article discusses how the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) supports an effort by 26 state Attorneys General, which places the responsibility of mercury switch removal on the vehicle manufacturers.
Source: Automotive Recyclers Association
URL: http://www.newmoa.org/prevention/topichub/104/ara_supports_sta

Automobile Shredder Residue Report
Hard Copy Publication - Evaluates the impact of automobile mercury switches on the toxicty of automobile shredder residue.
Source: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Automotive Mercury Switches: Policy Position [PDF]
Abstract: To ensure that mercury switches are properly removed prior to recycling and automotive manufacturers take responsibility for hazardous constituents used in automobiles, ISRI supports legislation that incorporates equitable concepts such as requiring mercury switches to be removed prior to delivery for recycling and obligations for automotive manufacturers to design out and/or take responsibility for, hazardous constituents in their products.
Source: Institute of Scrap Recycling Institutes, Inc.
URL: http://www.isri.org/members/government/policies/mercury_switch

Convenience Lighting and ABS Mercury Switch Removal for Ford, Chrysler, GM
Abstract: This webpage has links to a question and answer sheet concerning mercury removal, a mercury press release, a 'Getting Mercury out of Cars' brochure, and mercury switch removal and replacement instructions for Chrysler, Ford and GM automobiles.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/switchremoval.shtml

Driving Forward: News from the Clean Car Campaign [PDF]
Abstract: Article describing progress on the “switch the switch” program.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/drivingforward3.pdf

Management of End-of-Life Vehicles in Ontario
Abstract: The use and recovery of mercury switches from vehicles in Canada is discussed briefly in this larger report on end-of-live vehicles.
Source: Recycling Council of Ontario
URL: http://www.rco.on.ca/research/proceedings/elv.html

MERC Switch Out
Abstract: Description of the Canadian MERC Switch Out Program to recover mercury from vehicles.
Source: Pollution Probe
URL: http://www.pollutionprobe.org/merc/merc.htm

Mercury Contamination from Metal Scrap Processing Facilities – A Study by Ohio EPA [PDF]
Abstract: Report of project to determine the amount of mercury emitted from metal scrap processing facilities in Ohio. Some facilities were required to do stack testing.
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/dapc/atu/mercpaper.pdf

Mercury Hidden in Your Car Could Spark Health Problems
Abstract: This brief article helps to identify where mercury can be located within your vehicle and also explains possible health effects resulting from exposure to this mercury.
Source: Channel 13: Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto
URL: http://www.kovr13.com/02feb02/022102f.htm

Mercury in Cars
Abstract: This report examines the historic and continuing use of mercury in automobiles and estimates its releases to the environment from end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing. The report shows that emissions from vehicle recycling and disposal processes are one of the largest sources of mercury contamination to the environment. The report also examines strategies for cleaner production and proposes key policy solutions to eliminate mercury hazards from both new and existing vehicles.
Source: Mercury Technology Services
URL: http://www.hgtech.com/Information/Hg%20in%20Cars.htm

Mercury Spill Information and Cleanup Guidance [PDF]
Abstract: Detailed information on how to clean up small mercury spills.
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management
URL: http://www.state.in.us/idem/ctap/mercury/spill.pdf

Mercury Switch Data Collection Pilot Project
Abstract: The mercury switch data collection pilot project was developed as part of the State of New Jersey’s efforts to reduce the amount of mercury in the environment. The goals were to determine the effectiveness of an End-of-Life Vehicle switch removal program and estimate the costs in order to develop and implement a cost effective and reliable program.
Source: New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
URL: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/dsr/hg-switch/

Michigan Mercury Switch Study [PDF]
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to jointly conduct a cooperative project that evaluates the technical, logistical, and procedural factors associated with the removal of mercury (Hg) convenience light switches from end-of-life vehicles and subsequent management of the switches.
Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
URL: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents/deq-ess-p2-mercury-michig

Proposal for a National Collection Program for Automotive Switches
Abstract: The Clean Car Campaign - a coalition of national and regional environmental organizations - proposes an aggressive plan for the collection of automotive mercury, and calls for producer responsibility in addressing the hazards presented by mercury devices in vehicles. Within its four-point action plan, the Campaign calls on automakers to take primary responsibility for removing and properly managing mercury switches and other mercury-containing devices in the existing fleet of vehicles, both on the road and retired.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/ccc_mercury_collection.shtml

SAE Technical Paper: A Mercury-Free Cfl Backlight for Car-Navigation Display
Abstract: SAE Technical Paper for purchase, $10. Technical discussion of mercury use in cathode fluorescent lamps for backlight navigation, and description of a xenon alternative.
Source: Society of Automotive Engineers
URL: http://www.sae.org/servlets/productDetail?PROD_TYP=PAPER&PROD_

SAE Technical Paper: On the Removal of Mercury From Automotive Hid Lamps: a Technical and Regulatory Perspective
Abstract: SAE Technical Paper for purchase, $10. Technical description of why mercury is used in HID lamps and the pros and cons of possible alternatives.
Source: Society of Automotive Engineers
URL: http://www.sae.org/servlets/productDetail?PROD_TYP=PAPER&PROD_

States Ask Ford to Replace Mercury Switches to Protect Environment
Abstract: This article states that 'top state attorneys from around the country asked Ford Motor Co. to replace light switches containing mercury during the current recall of defective tires.
Source: detnews.com
URL: http://www.detnews.com/2001/autos/0107/06/-242874.htm

Switch Out: Auto Dismantler's Guide [PDF]
Abstract: A "how-to" guide for Canadian Auto Dismantlers including location of mercury switches, removal procedures, and handling requirements.
Source: Pollution Probe
URL: http://www.pollutionprobe.org/Reports/mercswitchout.pdf

Toxic By Design - The Automobile Industry's Continued Use of Mercury [PDF]
Abstract: Describes progress toward automaker’s pledge to phase out the use of mercury in new cars and trucks as early as 1998.
Source: Environmental Defense
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/ToxicbyDesign.PDF

Toxics in Vehicles: Mercury [PDF]
Abstract: The report shows that emissions from vehicle recycling and disposal processes are one of the largest sources of mercury contamination to the environment. The report also examines strategies for cleaner production and proposes key policy solutions to eliminate mercury hazards from both new and existing vehicles.
Source: University of Tennessee Center of Clean Products and Clean Technology, Great Lakes United, Ecology Center
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/execsumm.pdf

Use and Regulation of Mercury in Automobiles
Abstract: Brief summary of automobile manufacturers who produce mercury switches in the vehicles and details future plans for mercury phase out programs.
Source: Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
URL: http://www.glu.org/english/projects/clean-production/epr/12.ht


Get the Mercury Out of Maine - Video
Hard Copy Publication - How-to video detailing the removal of mercury switches from automobiles. Video is available for loan from NEWMOA. Submit request to inforequest@newmoa.org
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Case study/success story

General Motors Mid-size and Luxury Car Group: Elimination of Mercury Switches in Underhood and Trunk Lamps [PDF]
Source: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
URL: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents/deq-ead-p2-auto-gm025.pdf


Land Disposal Restrictions [PDF]
Abstract: Introduction to Land Disposal Restrictions under RCRA. This is Chapter 6 of the RCRA Orientation Manual.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/general/orientat/rom36.pdf

Mercury Use: Automotive Sector [PDF]
Abstract: In this chapter taken from the Wisconsin 'Mercury Sourcebook,' you will find: information on mercury-containing products unique to the automotive sector, case studies, action ideas for pollution prevention, a sample proclamation describing possible mercury minimization options, and current projects already underway within the automotive sector.
Source: Wisconsin Mecury Sourcebook
URL: http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/bnsdocs/hgsbook/auto.pdf

Fact sheet/checklist

Clean Car Campaign Proposal for Mercury Elimination in Automobiles [PDF]
Abstract: The Clean Car Campaign, made up of a coalition of national and regional environmental organizations, proposes an aggressive plan for the elimination of mercury from new, existing, and retired vehicles and calls on automakers to accept responsibility for the mercury hazards presented by their vehicles.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/CCCMercProposal.pdf

EPA's Comprehensive Review of the Treatment Standards for Mercury-Bearing Hazardous Waste [PDF]
Abstract: This describes the review process that EPA will undertake to review treatment standards for mercury waste through EPA's draft Action Plan for Mercury.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/ldr/mercury/fs_merc.pdf

Guidelines for the Safe Clean-up of Mercury Spilled in the Home [PDF]
Abstract: Contains spill clean up instructions and list of contractors in the NJ area.
Source: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
URL: http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/survweb/merchome.pdf

Material Safety Data Sheet
Abstract: Vendor MSDS for elemental mercury.
Source: Mallinckrodt Baker Inc.
URL: http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/M1599.htm

Mercury - Emergency Spill & Release Facts [PDF]
Abstract: Includes basic definitions, health concerns, routes of exposure, and procedures EPA uses in responding to mercury spills and releases, and ways communities can avoid exposure to mercury.
Source: US Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.bedisclosure.com/pdf_dir/22%20mercury-emerg.pdf

Mercury Spills
Abstract: This website discusses health effects, common usages for mercury, spill kits, how to handle spill situations, and alternatives.
Source: University of Washington
URL: http://www.ehs.washington.edu/services/spills_mercury.htm

MI Department of Environmental Quality: Cleaning Up Small Mercury Spills Fact Sheet [PDF]
Abstract: Provides advice and procedures for cleaning up small mercury spills (less than 2 tablespoons). Includes how to assemble your own mercury spill kit.
Source: Michigan DEQ
URL: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/documents/deq-ead-p2-mercury-mercsp

NH Department of Environmental Services: Cleaning Up Household Spills of Elemental Mercury
Abstract: What to do in case of a mercury spill in the household.
Source: New hamshire Department of Environmental Services
URL: http://www.des.state.nh.us/factsheets/hw/hw-15.htm

Partnership for Mercury Free Vehicles
Abstract: List of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Partnership, including "why is mercury harmful?," "how is it used in automobiles?."
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/mercuryfaq.shtml

Questions from Auto Recycling Yards on Collection, Storing, Transporting and Recycling Mercury Switches [PDF]
Abstract: NY DEC answers questions from Auto Recyclers.
Source: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/Q_A_on_AABrochure.pdf

Removal and Replacement of Mercury Switch in 1970-1998 GM Hood Lighting Assembly [PDF]
Abstract: An instructional sheet that details the process of removing a mercury switch from the hood lights of 1970-1988 GM cars.
Source: Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
URL: http://www.glrppr.org/topichubs/pdfs/automerc/GMprocedure.pdf

What to Do if a Mercury Spill Occurs
Abstract: Kansas Department of Health and Environment information on cleaning up small spills.
Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment
URL: http://www.kdhe.state.ks.us/mercury/what_to_do.html


Auto Mercury Switch Usage
Abstract: List of 2001-2002 automobiles that contain mercury based on manufacture reporting under the Vermont Mercury Labeling Law.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/auto_lghtmercury.doc

Breakdown of Study Vehicles that Contain Mercury Switches [PDF]
Abstract: From the appendix of the MN PCA 'Automobile Shredder Residue Report,' this list breaks down cars by make, year, and model, detailing which contain mercury switches.
Source: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/region5/air/mercury/list_of_vehicles_with_h

List of Recycling Service Providers for Fluorescent Lamps and Other Mercury-Containing Items
Abstract: List of mercury recyclers' locations in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management
URL: http://www.in.gov/idem/mercury/recyclers.doc

Master List of Automobiles with Mercury-Added Component Parts [PDF]
Abstract: Collected by ME DEP, a master list of all automobiles that contain mercury-added component parts. Divides the list into make of the vehicle, model, what component mercury is used in, years that that component is used in, and a year for a phase-out, where applicable.
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection
URL: http://www.maine.gov/dep/rwm/mercury/pdf/Appendix-E.pdf

Mercury and Bulb Recyclers
Abstract: A list of vendors that accept Mercury and Bulbs for recycling.
Source: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
URL: http://www.state.sd.us/denr/des/wastemgn/Recycling/Bulbs.htm

Mercury Recyclers - EHSO
Abstract: Maintained by "Environmental Health and Safety Online," contains names and addresses of mercury recyclers located mostly in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Environmental Health and Safety Online
URL: http://www.ehso.com/mercury.php

Mercury Recyclers - Ohio EPA
Abstract: List of mecury recyclers mainly in the midwest and east coast of the US.
Source: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp/recyc/mercrec.html

Other resources

Land Disposal Restrictions: Summary of Requirements [PDF]
Abstract: Summary of the requirements of the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) program.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
URL: http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/ldr/ldr-sum.pdf

Maine Mercury-Added Products: Motor Vehicle Components Law
Abstract: Law enacted by the Maine legislature to address mercury in motor vehicles.
Source: Maine Department of Environmental Protection
URL: http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/38/title38sec1665-a.ht

Model Legislation - Mercury-Free Vehicle Act [PDF]
Abstract: A bill to achieve reductions in environmental mercury through the collection and removal of vehicle mercury switches, mercury sensors, and other mercury-added components from vehicles in commerce by vehicle manufacturers, and by implementing a Design For Recycling program for future vehicles to prohibit the use of mercury of mercury-added components, and for other purposes.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pdfs/Hg_legis.pdf

SAE Standard: Mercury Switch Removal Process
Abstract: SAE Standard for purchase, $60. Mercury capsules have been used in the automotive industry in various switching applications. The basic design and performance characteristics of mercury switches (or capsules) make these components particularly suited to underhood light and trunk light applications. The processes described in this SAE standard deal with the location, removal, storage, and recycling of mercury switches and capsules associated with these underhood and trunk light applications.
Source: Society of Automotive Engineers
URL: http://www.sae.org/servlets/productDetail?PROD_TYP=STD&PROD_CD

Web site

Clean Car Campaign
Abstract: Website documenting work of the Clean Car Campaign, whose partners are American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Ecology Center, Environmental Defense, Great Lakes United, Michigan Environmental Council, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Source: Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org

Mercury in Vehicles
Abstract: This website provides links to known uses of mercury in vehicles in 2000-2001 cars and also in pre-1995 cars. Also included is a list of where mercury may be found in automobiles and possible alternatives.
Source: Clean Air Foundation
URL: http://www.cleanairfoundation.org/switch_out/html/e_switchout_

Switch the Switch Program
Abstract: The Ecology Center and Clean Car Campaign "Switch the Switch" program targets the recovery of mercury from vehicles currently on the road. The Campaign is presently reaching out to environmental groups, businesses and government agencies alike to help us implement "switch the switch" events across the country. This webpage provides links to switch event media coverage, switch event resources, switch removal and replace instructions, and recycling and retirement options for mercury recycling.
Source: Michigan Ecology Center, Clean Car Campaign
URL: http://www.ecocenter.org/autoswitch.shtml

Peaks to Prairies is a member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange, a national network of regional information centers: NEWMOA (Northeast), WRRC (Southeast), GLRPPR (Great Lakes), ZeroWasteNet (Southwest), P2RIC (Plains), Peaks to Prairies (Mountain), WRPPN (Pacific Southwest), PPRC (Northwest).