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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Green Design
Green Products
Energy Efficiency
Water Use
Indoor Air Quality
Solid and Hazardous Waste
Building Codes and Standards
All Residential Construction links
Only Green Products links

Essential Links:

Oikos: Green Building Source
Searchable directory for thousands of green building products.

Sustainable Building Sourcebook: Building Material...
Considerations, commercial status, and guidelines for a variety of general construction materials, e...

Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements
Click on "E-guide". A directory of environmentally responsible building products divided into secti...

Smart Material and Product Choices
Questions to consider and resources for standards, ratings, product analyses and databases.

Site Selection and Analysis for a Greener Central ...
Consider factors involved in selection of an appropriate "green" building site; applicable to all re...

Link Details
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Oikos: Green Building Source
URL: http://www.oikos.com/products/
Description: Searchable directory for thousands of green building products.
Source: Iris Communications, Inc.; Oikos: Green Building Source
Resource Type: Article/report