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Definition of Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention is any activity that reduces or eliminates pollutants prior to recycling, treat...
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Guides to Pollution Prevention - Research and Educ...
This guide provides an overview of waste generating processes and operations which occur in educati...
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The New American Farmer
A 160-page collection of in-depth interviews with farmers and ranchers describing their diverse oper...
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Vocational Education in the United States: Toward ...
Describes trends in participation in secondary and postsecondary vocational education. Also presents...
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Definition of Pollution Prevention

Address the ability of the URL or resource material to do the following:
  • Conduct facility assessments, construct input-output model, identify waste streams and process efficiency
  • Describe best management practices, alternative technologies, procedures, and processes
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, identify and interpret applicable regulations
  • Research existing and new technologies

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