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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Management Options
Consumer Education
Best Practice
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Household Waste Management
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Household Hazardous Materials: Table of Contents

Welcome to the Household Hazardous Materials Topic Hub. Information and links to on-line pollution prevention resources for Household Hazardous Materials are presented here. Each section references "essential links" and the search (provided at left) can help you find more specifically the resources you need. The sections in this hub are:

Background and Overview -
This section contains basic information about what HHW is, and the scope of the issue in the US. This information should prove useful to those seeking general understanding of HHW, including policymakers, grantwriters, trade groups, researchers, journalists, and those newly assigned to the issue.

Management Options -
Here is where you'll find information about disposal and treatment options and the importance of a dedicated HHW program. It contains references to some "how-to" documents on operating programs. With user assistance, we will build a collection of sample ordinances, regulations, and contracts used by programs across the country.

Consumer Education - Disposal of HHW is only the beginning. A successful program reduces the amount of HHW by educating household members. This section describes necessary components of a successful education campaign. It includes references to general HHW fact sheets for use in an outreach and education campaign.

Best Practice - Strategies for reducing the environmental impact of HHW include redesigning the goods purchased and placing responsibility with the manufacturer. This section also contains suggested alternatives for common HHW waste streams such as paint and cleaners.

Complete List of Links - Lists all resources referenced in this hub. If you know of resources that relate to this topic, please let us know. We will review all submissions and include them in the collection if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.

Hub Last Updated: 08/15/2003

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