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Table of Contents
Health Effects
Releases to the Atmosphere
Mercury in Products
Mercury in the Environment
Fish Advisories
Assistance Approaches
Regulations & Policies
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Essential Links:

Mercury Study Report to Congress, Volume 1 Chapter...
This overview discusses sources contributing to mercury in the environment, inventory approaches and...

Mercury: Table of Contents

Welcome to the Mercury Topic Hub. Information and links to on-line pollution prevention resources for Mercury are presented here. Each section references "essential links" and the search (provided at left) can help you find more specifically the resources you need. The sections in this hub are:

Health Effects - contains health effects information useful for communicating the risks of mercury to the general public

Releases to the Atmosphere - contains overview information for policy makers on the natural and anthropogenic sources of mercury

Mercury in Products - contains information on the uses and quantities of mercury in products and sectors and links to other hubs specific to these topics

Mercury in the Environment - contains background information on how mercury travels in the environment

Fish Advisories - contains background information on fish advisories and how they may be used to communicate the relevance and importance of mercury pollution prevention and source separation

Assistance Approaches - contains information on various assistance approaches and tools

Regulations & Policies - contains information on federal, state and local regulations focused on the prevention of mercury releases to the environment

Complete List of Links - Lists all resources referenced in this hub. If you know of resources that relate to this topic, please let us know. We will review all submissions and include them in the collection if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.

Hub Last Updated: 08/22/2003

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