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Table of Contents
P2 Opportunities
Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
All DoD - Household Hazardous Waste links

Essential Links:

Best Management Practices Resource Guide - Househo...
This chapter presents the basic information needed to become a DoD base "expert" on household hazard...

DoD - Household Hazardous Waste: Table of Contents

Welcome to the DoD - Household Hazardous Waste Topic Hub. Information and links to on-line pollution prevention resources for DoD - Household Hazardous Waste are presented here. Each section references "essential links" and the search (provided at left) can help you find more specifically the resources you need. The sections in this hub are:

P2 Opportunities - Discusses the overall ways a citizen can reduce hazardous household waste generation.

Background and Overview - Discusses the scope of the military's hazardous waste problem and why it is of importance. Presents options for bases to pursue to reduce household hazardous waste.

Reasons for Change - Reviews the regulatory and policy requirements for HHW in federal and select states in Region IV.

Operations - Discusses the options for a base to manage household hazardous waste including education, one-time programs, permanent sites and waste exchanges.

Complete List of Links - Lists all resources referenced in this hub. If you know of resources that relate to this topic, please let us know. We will review all submissions and include them in the collection if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.

Hub Last Updated: 08/22/2002

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