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May 03, 2001 

Mullinix and Company

Address - 1530 East Richards, Douglas, WY 82633
Phone: (307) 358-9399

Contact - Stan Mullinix

Product or Service - Jewelry manufacturer

Number of Employees - 2 employees operating 5 days per week, one shift per day

Waste Stream Targeted:  Sodium Cyanide 


  • This small jewelry manufacturer uses sodium cyanide in production of jewelry, but does not have adequate disposal practices for spent solution.  MAMTC engineer assisted business in implementing an economical and environmentally acceptable solution for disposal.

Waste Reduction Activities 

  • The MAMTC engineer determined that the small amounts of sodium cyanide used in the jewelry manufacturing process did not justify or require off-site disposal on a monthly basis.  Monthly off- site disposal would have been cost-prohibitive to the business because of its rural location and the cost would have significantly affected their bottom line.  A plan was developed to store spent sodium cyanide in an acceptable container until the container was full.  At the same time the owner agreed to escrow money on a monthly basis into a fund earmarked to cover the cost of off- site disposal as needed.  This allowed the owner to afford the off-site disposal when required.

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Major Benefits 

  • Saves money on disposal
  • Increases efficiency of the spent solution storing method
  • Impact on the owner's bottom line minimized
  • Positive business and environmental image

Cost Savings 

  • Not calculated


  • Cost of off-site disposal

Key to Success in Implementing Pollution Prevention Modification

  • Owner's willingness the manage the environmental responsibility of a hazardous waste substance

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