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Submit A Home Profile

An on-line input form (not yet available) will allow you to submit information about a resource efficient home for inclusion in the Homes Across America collection. This is a five-part application:

Part 1: Home Overview* (1 page)
Part 2: Contact Information* (1 page)
Part 3: Resource Efficient Features Checklist (8 pages)
Part 4: Resource Efficient Innovation Details (if indicated in the Checklist, 1 page)
Part 5: Other Information (1 page)

*Only Part 1 & Part 2 are required. Homes Across America staff can contact you to complete Parts 3 - 5 if you wish.

You may print an application using the pdf links above and fax or mail it to us. Climate information for the home’s specific locale will be added by Homes Across America staff. The information will come from government weather sources.

Homes Across America will consider homes completed during or after the year 2000 that showcase resource efficient technologies. The showcase highlights the seven feature categories listed below:

Site and Design Icon
Waste Management Icon
Green Products Icon
Energy Efficiency Icon
Water Protection Icon
Indoor Air Quality Icon
Universal Design icon

Click on an icon above or go to the Terms Defined page for a description of these features.

To be selected, homes must:
  • Have at least one feature in both the "Site and Design" and "Energy Efficiency" categories
  • Describe a minimum of 15 features in combination of categories
  • Describe at least one feature "Innovation" (a more in-depth review of a particularly innovative feature)

In addition to the above, Homes Across America will select profiles based on the variety of features presented, how features address unique climate and site considerations, and evidence of how resources are being conserved. For homes that are selected as Showcase Homes, a good contact person must be available with whom HAA staff can finalize the profile.

Homes Across America will give the Integrated Design Award when descriptions of resource efficiency exemplify the following definition:
Homes and their surroundings operate as a system with all components (products, location, orientation, equipment, etc.) functioning as one. When each component interacts efficiently with the others, the home has achieved an integrated design. An integrated design brings together the client, the design team, and the construction team to optimize resource efficiency and environmental performance starting from design, during construction and through to the end of the home’s useful life.

Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center
Montana State University, PO Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717
FAX: 406-994-5417

Questions - call 406-994-3451.

Photographs, elevations or plans will make your home profile more interesting. They may be submitted electronically (preferred) or in hard copy. Hard copies will be returned upon request. Electronic submissions must meet certain specifications. Call for details.



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