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Have you published pollution prevention (P2) information?

The Web Library is a catalog to P2 documents and tools published in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. P2 programs and others use it to find out what others have done and are doing.

For materials that meet our Library Collection Development Policy the Web Library offers three advantages:

  1. If your information is already posted on the web, we will allow people to search for it and follow the link to your site.

  2. If your information is not on the web, we will help you get it on-line.

  3. For larger publications or those otherwise not suitable for web viewing, we will assist in getting it into the international inter-library loan system.

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*No library can own all of the books, periodicals and other materials needed by its users. Libraries often cope with this situation by using a system of lending/borrowing known as "interlibrary loan." Many university, city and state libraries belong to the inter-library loan system. The Peaks to Prairies Center searches for and reviews new pollution prevention resources to find those that are appropriate to include in the inter-library loan system. We submit resources through the Montana State University Library to increase general circulation and improve public access to pollution prevention information in the region. If you have published resources that could benefit businesses, educational institutions and the general public, contact the Peaks to Prairies library for assistance in including them in the inter-library loan system. For more information, contact us or your local library.

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