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The Montana Pollution Prevention Program, part of the Montana State University Extension Service, has experienced another busy year of service to Montana’s small businesses and individuals. We have strengthened our relationship with our P2 partners, expanded our universe of clients, and continued several of our noteworthy programs.

P2 Partners: We have continued our interaction with our network of partners, particularly trade associations, individual businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental agencies. During the year, we contacted several businesses journals and trade publications for their interest in unsolicited articles, and targeted advertisements were placed in special-interest editions, some reaching over 17,000 Montana businesses in a single printing.

EcoStar: EcoStar, the MTP2 recognition program for environmentally conscious businesses, has completed its fourth year of operation. In calendar year 2000, 22 small businesses were honored for their P2 and resource conservation efforts. The EcoStar program was expanded this year to include nominated businesses and individuals who have made special contributions to P2 efforts in the state. Four individuals and two businesses were so honored this year.

Local Government: The "P2 Guidebook for Local Governments" is currently under final review. When complete, the guidebook will be distributed to all county governments and most municipal governments in the state. As an incentive to implement P2 into local government operations, a Local Government EcoStar program is also being developed.

STAR: The STAR (Spray Technique Analysis and Research) Program provided its first training in Montana during 2000. Designed to assist spray painters with increasing their efficiency, this program was initially developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. With the assistance of our partner in STAR, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality Pollution Prevention Bureau, we have purchased all of the needed equipment to present the STAR training, and will implement it statewide during 2001. An undergraduate partnership with the Automotive Technology Department at Montana State University-Northern has already been implemented.

Consumer P2: In coordination with the Montana Home*A*Syst Program, consumer P2 issues were addressed in several seminars. Issues addressed in these seminars included the Montana Private Land Ownership Program and real estate environmental issues for small landowners. MT P2 promotes Enviro-Rangers as their main youth initiative, P2 Enviro-Rangers is a Region 8 program managed by Peaks to Prairies.

Aviation: Many of the processes, procedures, chemicals, and hazardous substances found in the automotive maintenance and auto body repair businesses are also found and used in the aircraft maintenance business. Airport operations also have their own, unique P2 opportunities. In an effort to expand our target audience, the MTP2 Program contacted the six busiest airports in Montana (Yes, they all have paved runways! Please call early for cow removal.), providing them with P2 information, including aviation-specific case studies adapted from Canadian sources. Through this contact, the MTP2 Program was requested to assist Gallatin Field, Bozeman’s airport, in selecting a more environmentally-friendly runway de-icing compound than urea. After evaluating the information provided by the MTP2 Program, and other information, Gallatin Field has selected sodium acetate as its new runway de-icer. Airport management has agreed to provide case study information in the future.

Continuing Programs: The MTP2 Program continues to provide the following additional services:

  • P2 Resource Library
  • The Bridge, a quarterly newsletter
  • Publications
  • Technical Assistance
  • Montana Material Exchange Program
  • Web Site (
  • On-Site Visits

Personnel: Dr. Michael Vogel, Program Director; Jon Hudson, Small Business Technical Specialist; Lara Dando, previously a Technical Specialist with the Program for over five years, has moved to Kansas where her husband is pursuing his doctorate. A replacement for Lara will be hired as soon as possible. (Note: Ted Lange has joined the MTP2 Program effective October 4, 2000).

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