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EcoStar: The Montana P2 Program's recognition program for small businesses will honor twenty firms for their efforts in waste reduction and resource conservation this year. The big news for these businesses, and the P2 Program, is the August 29 reception with Governor Martz in Helena. We anticipate 60-80 people to be in attendance at the reception, and efforts are underway to encourage statewide press coverage, particularly in the hometowns of the EcoStar recipients.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: In a cooperative effort with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, the Montana P2 Program will provide training in EPP to state government purchasing and contract officials. Plans are now being made to broadcast this training to county and city governments throughout Montana. Anticipated training date is September 17. This training is also part of the Montana P2 Program's local government initiative.

Local Government and Pollution Prevention: In addition to the above-referenced EPP training targeting the purchasing power of government agencies, the Montana P2 Program has completed the "Pollution Prevention Guidebook for Montana Local Governments". This document, designed to introduce local government officials to the concepts of P2, provides a number of local case studies emphasizing the ease of implementation of many programs, along with the potential savings which can be achieved. Distribution of the document will take place at the Montana Association of Counties annual conference.

Dental Mercury Reduction Project: As part of a PBT initiative, the Montana P2 Program researched mercury waste management practices in the dental care industry, along with the experiences of other P2 programs in providing guidance and information to dentists. Success in providing guidance to dentists and dental offices appears to be directly related to the cooperation and participation of a state dental association. The Montana P2 Program has approached the Montana Dental Association to open discussions on a cooperative effort, however, the Dental Association has elected to not cooperate with us. This project will be re-evaluated for alternative means of reaching the target audience.

STAR (Spray Technique Analysis and Research): Activities in this program have been hampered by a lack of available instructors. All necessary equipment has been purchased.

Small Business Contacts and Collaborations: The Montana P2 Program reached a new business segment during this project year. Fixed Base Operators (FAA language for aviation service stations) have many of the same waste management issues as automotive repair facilities. Because of continuing education requirements for aircraft mechanics, this audience can often be targeted at large annual meetings. In February, the Montana P2 Program provided a display and a new P2 document at the Montana Aviation Conference. Plans are being made to provide a formal presentation at the next conference.

Our outreach to the Montana hospitality industry currently includes working directly through the Montana Innkeepers Association (MIKA) and developing a partnership with the Montana Department of Commerce "Travel Montana" program. We are members of MIKA, and MIKA's Executive Director sits on our advisory committee. We attend MIKA's Annual Convention in November, where we have a display table with factsheets and signup sheets for MIKA members interested in being on our mailing list and participating in on-site P2 visits. This year we assisted MIKA in finding speakers for an energy conservation panel planned for their upcoming event. We continue conduct P2 on-site visits to the hospitality industry upon request, and are producing a series of pollution prevention best practices factsheets. The first in the series, "Housekeeping Best Practices" has been completed and is ready for distribution. We have also produced an article on energy conservation best practices which MIKA is publishing in two parts in the next two issues of their quarterly newsletter. Travel Montana has provided us with a mailing list of all facilities in the state that pay the state "bed" tax. We hope to pursue additional collaboration with Travel Montana in the future.

Montana Material Exchange Program: We are currently implementing a two-part strategy designed to greatly increase usage of the Montana Material Exchange. The first part is a total redesign of the Material Exchange website. The second part is a promotional campaign. The website redesign will make the site as automated and interactive as possible, with online forms and a fully searchable database. The goal is to make the website much more user-friendly and to make it as efficient as possible for us to administer. The promotional campaign will focus on developing partnerships with other federal, state and local government entities, and targeting business sectors (such as construction) that are most likely to use the service. The promotional campaign will include coverage in the business and trade press, presentations, public service announcements, distribution of promotional literature and other strategies.


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