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FY 2002 Summary of Activities was launched with a new look and improved services. The web site is a regional clearinghouse for news and events, pollution prevention assistance and publications, and roundtable happenings. Easy access to all state pollution prevention programs is available from the home page. New features include a searchable "virtual library" of state P2 publications, a searchable directory of regional programs, and improved news sources. The site also contains topical information for Peaks to Prairies focus areas: P2 in outdoor recreation, green building and sustainable development, and P2 in education.

EPA Search Engine - Peaks to Prairies now has access to the EPA search engine. The P2Rx web committee has recently completed plans with EPA HQ web experts to incorporate EPA search power into all regional center sites. Now anyone searching from or another P2Rx center site will find publications, events, news and program information included in the Peaks to Prairies web site.

General Networking Activities - Managed the regional pollution prevention list serve, organized bi-monthly regional conference calls, maintained a regional programs directory, published a list of regional pollution prevention projects, participated in national networking activities through P2Rx and NPPR, published a bi-annual regional newsletter, updated P2 Week resources and promotion, maintained and updated the regional publications library, participated in regional events like the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, .


Higher Ed Survey Update - As an update of the 1998 survey of universities in the region, Peaks to Prairies is currently collecting and tabulating a survey of trade and technical schools to determine if they teach pollution prevention concepts in their coursework or are interested in doing so. Results will be published on the web site.

Topic Hubs (P2Rx) - Topic Hubs are guides to pollution prevention on a variety of subjects. During the past year, Peaks to Prairies completed five hubs to add to the national P2Rx collection on these topics: Community Growth, Autobody, Ag and Vocational Teaching Labs, Clean Snowmobiles, and Residential Construction. All our hubs have been peer reviewed. Comments and suggestions for new resources are always welcome. We are currently working on hubs for the ski industry, youth education, and national/state parks; each with a particular audience in mind.

P2 EnviroRangers - This web-based kid's club was revamped so youth can register and complete activities on-line. The club is gaining quite a following among home schoolers throughout the US.

P2 in Residential Construction - Web-based resources for this focus area were added to and improved upon. The collection now includes: the Industry Directory for Resource Efficient Residential Construction, a revamped Construction & Demolition Waste Management Guide, the Residential Construction Contractor's Guide, a homeowner's checklist for Lead -Based Paint, a selection of Recommended Readings and other useful links. Peaks to Prairies has also participated in the stakeholder meetings to create a new OECA Construction Center.

Homes Across America - The groundwork has been laid and a demonstration web site is available to showcase homes built in a resource efficient manner.

Pollution Prevention for Agricultural and Vocational Educators - A laboratory self-audit guide was published both in hard copy and on the web to help high school vo-ag teachers adopt best management practices in their teaching labs where small quantities of a wide variety of wastes can be produced.

Ag P2 Projects Database - Information is being collected and contacts are being made to create a regional clearinghouse for ag p2 research and demonstration projects. Projects from a variety of agencies will be collected providing for cross-agency sharing of information and demonstrating a link between agricultural practices and pollution prevention.

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