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South Dakota Report
Region VIII P2 Roundtable
AUGUST 12, 2002

The South Dakota P2 Program is housed in the Department of Environment and Natural
Resource's (DENR) Watershed Protection Program. The program provides multimedia P2 assistance through partnerships with DENR's media programs, the academic community, and resource management agencies and organizations. Assistance is directed primarily toward two population sectors:

  1. Agriculture and
  2. Rural communities.

The projects developed and implemented for each sector are selected to address and/or complement:

  1. Priority issues identified in the SD-EPA Performance Partnership Agreement.
  2. Requests for assistance received from:
    · the regulated community,
    · other governmental agencies and
    · DENR media programs.
  3. Pollution Prevention Program requirements.
  4. Region 8 P2 Roundtable activities.

South Dakota's P2 program and projects are funded using a combination of federal, state and local funds. Funding sources include:

  1. Federal:
    · Pollution Prevention Incentives to States Grant Program,
    · EPA Region 8 Consolidated Funding Process,
    · media program funding included in the Performance Partnership Grant and
    · agency budgets.
  2. State:
    · general funds and
    · fee funds
  3. Local :
    · agency budgets and
    · private organization budgets and member inkind services.

A summary of current and recently completed SD P2 projects appears in the table on pages two and three. For additional information about the SD P2 Program and to access P2 project reports, publications and audiovisual materials, visit:

South Dakota Pollution Prevention Projects Through Partnerships
Fecal Coliform Strain Identification Watershed Protection
Surface Water Quality
SDSU College of Ag and Bio Science Develop an affordable, reliable protocol to identify fecal coliform bacteria strains by species of origin. Antibiotic Resistance Analysis (ARA) "library" to identfy E. coli strains originating from humans, cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, dogs and cats
Arsenic in Drinking Water Drinking Water SD School of Mines and Technology Develop and test a low cost method to reduce arsenic in drinking water. Patented process
Project report at:
Clean Sweep Waste Management SD Solid Waste Assoc.
SD Department of Ag.
City of Vermillion
Develop and field-test a program to economically reduce PBTs and other hazardous substances found in homes and small businesses.

Program materials
Collection event
Project report at: WatershedProtection/P2/Documents/ Publications.htm#Clean

Onsite Waste Water Treatment Ground Water
Watershed Protection
Black Hills Resources
Conservation and Development Dist.
SDSU Ext. Service
Water Development Districts
Onsite system training and information for system installers and maintenance firms, governmental officials and the public.

Information packet
Two workshops
Program series for television
Video (Living with a Septic System): view at

Small City Storm Water P2 Surface Water Quality SD Chapter, American Public Works Assn.
City of Aberdeen
City of Sturgis
Develop P2-based model storm water management plans for small cities. Model storm water management plans Workshop.
P2 for Small Acreages and Rural Developments Watershed Protection North Central Resource Conservation and Development Dist.
SD Assoc. of Cons. Dist.
SDSU Ext. Service
Conservation Districts
Informational materials and an outreach program will be developed and implemented to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the urbanization of rural areas. P2 for rural developments and small acreages booklet
Informational message series for the electronic media
Exhibits--fairs and home/sports shows
P2 for Consumers Waste Management SD Solid Waste Assoc.
City of Vermillion
City of Sioux Falls
Informational materials that provide consumers with source reduction alternative for the home will be produced and distributed at household hazardous materials (HHM) collection events and county health and cooperative extension service offices. HHM source reduction booklet.
Source Reduction for the Livestock Industry Surface Water Quality Watershed Protection SD Dept of Ag
SDSU Ext. Service
Conservation Districts
Lower James and Randall Resource Conservation and Development Districts
SD Cattleman's Assoc.
SD Pork Producers
Watershed Projects
The project provides livestock producers and assistance providers with animal production source reduction information and strategies. Project activities are selected to continue implemention or "Managing Manure for Profit and the Environment." The strategy is designed to reduce the environmental impacts associated with livestock production in SD. A workgroup made up of university and resource management professionals and livestock commodity group representatives coordinate project activities. Workgroup
Program strategy
Exhibits--fairs and trade shows
Articles in electronic and print media
P-based nutrient management project
Grazing management project
Manure as a resource brochure series
Four part television program series
Brochures and video are online at: denr/DFTA/WatershedProtection/ P2/P2.htm


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