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Pollution Prevention (P2) for
Agricultural and Vocational Educators

This site provides a practical approach to preventing pollution in agricultural and vocational teaching laboraties. Guidelines in the form of a "self-audit" will help you examine laboratory operations and identify ways to prevent pollution. The self-audit includes the following sections:

Photo of FFA Members

(Montana High School FFA members awaiting
the Agricultural Mechanics competition
at State Convention)

  • Setting Up Your Audit
  • General Housekeeping and Resource Conservation
  • Agricultural and Power Mechanics Laboratory
  • Wood/Construction/Carpentry Laboratory
  • Green House/Farm Plot Laboratory Areas
  • Metals and Welding Laboratory
  • Animal Confinement Areas

The site was created and is maintained by the EPA Region 8 Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center. With input from teachers we will continue to add to and modify the information presented. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Links for Agricultural Educators

Guide to Pollution Prevention Resources for Teaching Laboratories - This topic hub (produced by Peaks to Prairies) provides an overview of waste generating processes and operations in teaching labs and presents options for minimizing waste. Each section is supported by key on-line resources where more detailed information can be found.

American Association for Agricultural Educators - AAAE is dedicated to studying, applying, and promoting the teaching and learning processes in agriculture. The site is maintained by the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida.

National Association of Agricultural Educators - The NAAE is a federation of 50 state agricultural educators associations. The Association's goal is to assist members with professional growth in becoming more effective and efficient as agricultural educators and sponsors awards and recognition programs.

This project was made possible with funding from Region 8 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center.

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