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Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Green Design
Green Products
Water Use
Indoor Air Quality
Solid and Hazardous Waste
Codes and Standards
Where to Go for Help
Complete List of Links

Oikos: Green Building Source
Searchable directory for thousands of green building products.

Smart Material and Product Choices
Questions to consider and resources for standards, ratings, product analyses and databases.

The GreenSpec Directory - 4th Edition
The 4th edition of GreenSpec Directory includes information on more than 1,750 green building produc...

Residential Construction - Green Products Links

These resources give more detailed information about the concepts presented in this section. There are 37 links in this section.

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Alternatives to Old Growth
Abstract: This guide offers solutions to preserve old growth forests while ensuring a supply of lumber for building materials and paper. It includes links to suppliers.
Source: Rainforest Action Network
URL: http://www.ran.org/ran_campaigns/old_growth/alternatives.html

Design: Green Building Materials
Abstract: Highlights of sustainable construction materials selected for historic structure re-design including carpet, tile, wood finishes, flooring, fiberboard and composite panels, insulation, paint and adhesives.
Source: Thoreau Center for Sustainability
URL: http://www.thoreau.org/Design/materials.html

Oikos: Green Building Source
Abstract: Searchable directory for thousands of green building products.
Source: Iris Communications, Inc.; Oikos: Green Building Source
URL: http://www.oikos.com/products/

SmartWood Certified Product Finder.
Abstract: Overview of certifications for new and reclaimed wood, and links to certified materials and furniture vendors and products.
Source: Website
URL: http://www.brandsystems.net/smartwood/

Sustainable Facilities: Building Material Selection
Abstract: Overview of appropriate material selection strategies, economic and environmental benefits, embodied energy of virgin vs. recycled materials (table) and best practices.
Source: West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
URL: http://www.sustainable-busforum.org/bldgmat.html

Treated Wood Containing Arsenic : EPA Announces Transition from Consumer Use
Abstract: Industry has voluntarily agreed to phase out wood treated with chromated copper arsenate, also known as CCA, for all residential uses by December 31, 2003. This story relates the news, industry labeling requirements and methods of maintaining existing structures.
Source: BUILDER Magazine
URL: http://builderonline.com/pages/builderonline/Story.nsp?story_i

Case study/success story

Designing for Sustainability
Abstract: Sustainable re-design of historic structure; includes links to team partners and sustainable design criteria (principles, building materials, building system, ergonomics and recycling).
Source: Thoreau Center for Sustainability
URL: http://www.thoreau.org/design.html

Houses To Save The Earth
Abstract: Click on "Achievements" and scroll to PARADE. Feature article about builder Steve Loken's home in Montana, built entirely out of recycled materials to show that re-cycled building materials don't compromise the type of house most Americans want.
Source: By Seth Shulman Parade Magazine/ Loken Builders
URL: http://www.lokenbuilders.com/


Earth Materials
Abstract: Considerations, commercial status and guidelines for various earth construction materials.
Source: Sustainable Building Sourcebook published by Sustainable Sources
URL: http://www.greenbuilder.com/sourcebook/EarthMaterials.html

Indoor Water Conservation
Abstract: Considerations, commercial status and guidelines for assessing indoor water conservation products.
Source: Sustainable BSustainable Building Sourcebook published by Sustainable Sources uilding Sourcebook
URL: http://www.greenbuilder.com/sourcebook/IndoorWater.html

Fact sheet/checklist

Compact Fluorescents: Save money and prevent pollution [PDF]
Abstract: Comparison of different bulb types; typical bulb cost, rated life, efficacy, energy cost; focus on fluorescent.
Source: Southface Energy Institute
URL: http://www.southface.org/home/sfpubs/techshts/13e_lite.pdf

Energy Wise Appliances [PDF]
Abstract: Learn to identify the true cost of appliances using the Energy Guide Label. Overview of cooking, dishwashing, laundry, food storage appliances.
Source: Southface Energy Institute
URL: http://www.southface.org/home/sfpubs/techshts/11appliances.pdf

Green Building: Frequently Asked Questions
Abstract: Provides explanations for some Green Building suggestions and discusses a variety of individual products.
Source: State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection, Waste Management Bureau
URL: http://dep.state.ct.us/wst/recycle/greenbuil.htm

Green Building: Proper Use and Disposal of Treated Lumber
Abstract: Information to prevent treated wood i.e. creosote, oilborne chemicals, and waterborne chemicals, from causing adverse health and environmental impacts.
Source: State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection, Waste Management Bureau
URL: http://dep.state.ct.us/wst/recycle/lumber.htm

Green Seal
Abstract: An environmental product certification organization. View product standards including windows, appliances, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc. Also explains how to have a product certified.
Source: Green Seal / ENN Design Group
URL: http://www.greenseal.org/standards.htm

Low Toxic Solutions: Adhesives, Sealants, Primers and Paints
Abstract: National brands and local vendors that meet Portlands' LEED Standards.
Source: City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development
URL: http://www.green-rated.org/g_rated/windows/nwgreendir.html

PVC Construction Products and Alternatives Explained
Abstract: An overview of available alternatives for a variety of construction applications.
Source: Greenpeace International
URL: http://archive.greenpeace.org/toxics/pvcdatabase/productalt.ht

Smart Material and Product Choices
Abstract: Questions to consider and resources for standards, ratings, product analyses and databases.
Source: Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center
URL: http://www.pprc.org/pprc/pubs/topics/greencon/smart.html

Steel Framing [PDF]
Abstract: Pros and cons; thermal/resource efficiency, indoor air quality, construction techniques.
Source: Southface Energy Institute
URL: http://www.southface.org/home/sfpubs/techshts/7steelframe.pdf

Straw bale Homes
Abstract: Introductory discussion of strawbale construction; additional resources.
Source: Environ Design Collaborative
URL: http://www.environdc.com/edc/strawcom.htm


Database on Environmental Information For Products and Services
Abstract: Environmental data on attributes of products, cost considerations, model specifications, standards and guidelines for over 600 products and services provided in a searchable format. Browse the 'Hardware Store' for a variety of building products.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
URL: http://yosemite1.epa.gov/oppt/eppstand2.nsf

Energy Star Labeled Products
Abstract: Find guidelines and manufacturers for energy-efficient products for the home or business.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
URL: http://www.energystar.gov/products/

GreenGuard Registry . . . Healthy Indoor Products
Abstract: Click on free "Registration Process". Provides a list of manufacturers and product names for "environmentally preferred", low emitting products for the indoor environment, e.g. flooring, insulation, wallcoverings, etc.
Source: Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
URL: http://www.green-rated.org/g_rated/windows/nwgreendir.html

Lighting Programs and Manufacturers
Abstract: Links to education programs, energy efficiency programs, lighting guides, and manufacturers.
Source: Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy
URL: http://www.elflist.com/links.html

Montana Guide for Buying Recycled Products [PDF]
Abstract: Recycled products directory for Montana.
Source: Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Pollution Prevention Bureau (DEQ-PPB)
URL: http://www.deq.state.mt.us/ppa/p2/recycle/recyclingguide.pdf

Priority List for Top 20 Hazardous Substances
Abstract: Choosing "green" products often involves considerations of "life-cycle" impacts. Link to factsheets on each substance listed to evaluate health and environment impacts from production through use.
Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)
URL: http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/cxcx3.html

Recycled Content Materials Product Guide - King County (WA) [PDF]
Abstract: Recycled product vendors nationwide; emphasis on Western U.S.
Source: King County Washington Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Division
URL: http://dnr.metrokc.gov/swd/bizprog/sus_build/RCBMG.pdf

Recycled Content Product Database - California
Abstract: Searchable database for a growing list of over 10,000 materials, products, and businesses.
Source: California Integrated Waste Management Board
URL: http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/RCP/

Recycled Products Produced In and Purchased By the Great Lakes States
Abstract: Recycled products directory.
Source: Council of Great Lakes Governors
URL: http://www.cglg.org/1projects/recycle/showcase.asp

Recycled-Content Product Database - EPA
Abstract: List of products designated by EPA to be available with recycled-content. Recommended content ranges, model specifications, and vendor information for each product. Includes product categories for construction, landscaping, etc.
Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
URL: http://www.epa.gov/cpg/products.htm


Build Green Today! [PDF]
Abstract: Introduces builders and consumers to products - wood, insulation, concrete, flooring, carpet, paint, decking and used building materials - that are good for both the environment and the pocketbook.
Source: Center for Resourceful Building Technology (CRBT)
URL: http://www.ncat.org/ncatimages/pdf/buildgreentoday.pdf

The GreenSpec Directory - 4th Edition
Abstract: The 4th edition of GreenSpec Directory includes information on more than 1,750 green building products carefully screened by the editors of Environmental Building News, organized according to the 16-division CSI MasterFormat™ system. Directory listings cover more than 250 categories--from access flooring to zero-VOC paints.
Source: Environmental Building News (EBN)
URL: http://www.greensage.com/BOOKS/GreenSpecs.html

Other resources

Green Purchasing Topic Hub
Abstract: This primer is intended to provide the non-purchasing professional with a quick introduction to basic P2 information on Green Purchasing, as well as provide the purchasing professional with a thorough compilation of pertinent on-line resources.
Source: P2ric.org
URL: http://www.p2ric.org/TopicHubs/toc.cfm?hub=13&subsec=7&nav=7


Environmental Yellow Pages
Abstract: 350,000 business listings worldwide.
Source: The Yellow Pages
URL: http://www.enviroyellowpages.com/

Software/electronic tool

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES)
Abstract: BEES measures the environmental performance of building products by using the environmental life-cycle assessment approach specified in ISO 14000 standards; includes performance data for 65 building products.
Source: National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH)
URL: http://www.bfrl.nist.gov/oae/software/bees.html

Web site

ENERGY STAR® Program and Products
Abstract: Information on ENERGY STAR® approved and labeled appliances, heating and cooling equipment, windows, etc.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
URL: http://www.energystar.gov/

Forest/Wood Certification and Sustainability
Abstract: Overview of sustainable versus certified forest products; also link to certified wood marketplace (a subscription based exchange).
Source: ForestWorld.com, Inc.
URL: http://www.forestworld.com/certification/index.cfm

Peaks to Prairies is a member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange, a national network of regional information centers: NEWMOA (northeast), WRRC (southeast), GLRPPR (Great Lakes), ZeroWasteNet (southwest), P2RIC (plains), Peaks to Prairies (mountain), WRPPN (Pacific southwest), PPRC (northwest).