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Last updated:
June 18, 2001  

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P2Rx Programs Directory Project -
Chronological Summary

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May/Jun 2001

  • "Services" vocabulary approved by Centers
  • Updated Programs Database with on-line entry forms and interaction with the topic hub is created and distributed by Region 6.
  • User's Guide is updated to reflect changes
  • Task List and timeline for the National Programs Directory is adopted.
Mar/Apr 2001
  • Controlled Vocabulary standards are adopted by both the web group and the administrators. Also allows topic hub project to pull information from the programs database for the "Where to Go For Help" section. (Link exits this site.)
  • Proof of Concept Programs Database appears at -, PPRC, GLRPPR, and WestP2Net (in addition to NPPR). (Greg Geyer)
  • Controlled vocabulary discussion results in adoption of 4-part model. Describing and cataloging by: sector (related to NAICS codes), process, material, and services 
  • Minor modifications made to database template based on feedback from P2Rx Centers.
  • 1st Draft Template Use Guide created and distributed to P2Rx Web Group.
  • Database template (created by Greg Geyer) given to P2Rx Centers without a Programs Database. Access data entry form (designed by Fernando Parra, Region 6).
  • NPPR/P2Rx pilot on-line. The NPPR Yellow Pages using data from P2Rx Programs Databases demonstrates content sharing.  Greg Geyer contributes: 
    * Code to open window to various databases  
    * Result set from querying (preliminary format only)
    * Tool for use on any web site
Sep 2000
  • Database model agreed to by P2Rx web group
  • NPPR/P2Rx pilot agreed to by Regions 5, 6, 7 & 8 for data contributions
  • EAMS/Services vocabulary proposed (Paul Chalmer)
Aug 2000
Jun 2000
  • Policy for adding terms to P2 Thesaurus proposed
  • "Sector" field vocabulary proposed
Mar 2000
Feb 2000
Jan/Feb 2000
Oct 1999
  • Programs Database identified as a P2Rx project at the national meeting in Washington DC. NPPR is invited to collaborate since they are also seeking to revise the Yellow Pages.