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Last updated:
June 22, 2001


Programs Database Project

Adopted Database Model  


Consensus Reached 9/12/00 Conference Call 

Note: All P2Rx programs databases do not have to have this exact structure. For data to be shared easily and used as a uniform P2Rx product, all databases should contain fields with these general content elements. 

However, to facilitate sharing and searching of the programs database as a unified P2Rx product distributively managed by each Center, controlled vocabularies for particular fields must be exactly the same. For instance, the program values appearing below must be used by each Center.

Primary Table & Fields Related Value Table Related Value Table

Table: Organization

*OrgID (auto fill)
*State (includes territory, province, etc.)
*Zip (includes postal code, etc.)
*TimeZone (autofill?)

Table: GeoValue

(geographic area served by this organization description of the indicated area will be included in the text field)

  • National  

  • State  

  • Regional  

  • City  

  • Local  

  • Text


Table: ProgramValue

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Local Government

  • Educational Institution

  • Non-Profit Vendor

  • Consultant

  • Small Business Assistance Program

  • NIST - Manufacturing Extension Program

  • Recycling Program

  • Material Exchange Program

  • Small Business Development Center

  • Energy Efficiency Program

Table: Contact

*ContactID (autofill)
Prefix NameSuffix
Primary (Y/N - is this person the primary contact for the org)

Table: PrefixValue

  • Mr.
  • Ms.
  • Mrs.
  • Miss
  • Dr.

*Indicates mandatory entry into these fields