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Last updated:
June 22, 2001




Programs Database Project 

Meeting Discussions - Still in Process


Next Steps - June 2001 Conference Call
**Denotes action items

Programs Database and Topic Hub Integration

**Fernando will distribute the revised forms, tables and instructions 6/21. The package will allow Centers to create and maintain a programs database on-line and will allow specified records to be incorporated into topic hubs.

**All Centers can use the "application.cfm" file to include their own header and footer or this feature can be commented out. "Programs" is the data source name specified and can be changed if desired. Centers are encouraged to call Fernando or Chris with any questions. Fernando - office phone: 915-747-7636, cell: 915-203-3703; Chris - office phone: 915-747-7631.

P2Rx Programs Directory Next Steps
Centers reported on their current plans to implement a regional programs directory as follows:

  • Regions 1&2 - plan to convert their existing database to conform with the P2Rx model, unsure of timeline in view of new features in P2Rx model and NEWMOA offerings
  • Regions 3&4 - like the way it works and looks, are still discussing how it will be implemented in their regions
  • Region 5 - currently up on their site and also have experimented with generating reports
  • Region 6 - currently up, will start working on designing searches and reports soon
  • Region 7 - plan to convert their existing database to conform with the P2Rx model
  • Region 8 - planning to update data and reload to site, will start working on designing searches and reports soon
  • Region 9 - (Laura recently talked to Isao who said they are still interested in a regional programs directory; they have been doing some work on it; Pete and/or Isao may contact Fernando for a tour)
  • Region 10 - Looking forward to new forms and getting it working on their site.

Regions 3&4 offered asp versions of the topic hub database if anyone can use them. Scott Butner may be interested. Region 8 may need to make use of them if they lose the ability to host at the private ISP.

Report Function - Generally the group is working on data entry and will soon be interested in designing reports so their Directory can appear on their sites. Regions 1&2 and Region 5 offered to share ideas and code.

** Sometime during the first week in July, Laura and Fernando will meet to discuss options and division of labor for creating reports for Regions 6 and 8. Other Centers are invited to participate (announcement will go out on the list serve).

Visioning - This task is needed before moving into the national portion of the project to make some group decisions about maintenance, utility, quality control, look and feel. Since visioning is a long process, Andy suggested coming up with a "hot button" list of decisions that should be made before extensive data entry has taken place. The group decided on 3 hot button items -

  • Scope of data - organization types to include as a minimum, some definition so we can do a good job of describing and maintaining those we include.
  • Validation - i.e., what data must be included for records to appear (at least partially addressed with "required" fields), some basic quality control
  • Keywords Allowance - Should the number of keywords be limited? NEWMOA limits to 5 process terms, 5 area of expertise terms and 10 sector terms. Regions 5 and 7 allow unlimited.

This becomes more of an issue if programs are allowed to enter their own information.

**Laura will make proposals for each of these and include them in the revision of the Use Guide (out 1st week in July). When she sends out the next draft, she will suggest deadlines for Centers to review the Use Guide, suggest changes, and further revise or approve the guide.

Plan of Action - Discussion yielded a revised plan of action for the Programs Directory project meant to be a living document, revised as the project progresses. Click here to view the complete plan of action. The plan has three basic parts:

Part 1 - Programs Database/Topic Hub Interaction
Part 2 - Regional Programs Directories
Part 3 - National P2Rx Programs Directory

**The web group suggests this document be integrated into the P2Rx plan in the following ways: 1) brief report to the admin group on July's call; 2) post on and Peaks as a stand-alone task list for the project and 3) incorporate dates into the P2Rx master calendar.


Brainstorming Future Features - March 2001 Conference Call

  • Use programs data in topic hub
  • Enhance description of programs
  • Display flexibility
  • Standardize appearance for National Programs Directory
  • Online input forms
  • Search for and display programs by expertise
  • Incorporate knowledge of the user into their searches
  • Data maintained regionally, shared nationally
  • Admin tools - generate mailing labels, hard-copy directory, etc.
  • Data mining
  • Sharing with others
  • Programs DB identifies members for special privileges